by Mooky and Rheow

(Scene: Dr Mau's office--fancy fixings et al. Zoom in on Dr Mau in her armchair.)

Receptionist: Dr Mau, your two o'clock appointment is here!

Dr Mau: Send her in . . .

(Enter Demeter . . . and behind her is Munkustrap)

Dr Mau: You must be Demeter . . . (looks at Munkustrap) And this is?

Munkustrap: I'm emotional support for today.

Demeter: He's my boyfriend--sort of . . . He's been very supportive!

Dr Mau: How sweet . . . But conferencing supposed to be a little bit more private you know?

Munkustrap: Just pretend I'm not here . . .

Dr Mau: Fine. Okay, Demeter, tell me more about your problem.

Demeter: You can call me Demi . . . Well, I'm sort of . . .

Munkustrap: Paranoid. Sorry--forget I ever said anything . . .

Dr Mau: (ignores him) Go on . . .

Demi: It should be in that file I sent you--I have this fear . . . of-of someone . . .

Dr Mau: Who?

Munkustrap: She doesn't like to talk about it.

Dr Mau: I thought you weren't supposed to be here?

Demi: It's all right Munku, I can talk about *him* . . . Though I swore I sent the info to this office last week . . .

Dr Mau: You did--I just want you to actually talk about your problem.

Munkustrap: She doesn't like to talk about it.

Dr Mau: (ignores him again) But you're here now to talk about it.

Demi: (gets agitated) It's . . M-M-Macavity. I keep thinking he's going to jump out at me every second of the day!

Munkustrap: Breathe Demi, breathe!

Dr Mau: Now that wasn't so hard was it? Tell me more about your relationship to Macavity.

Demi: Uhmm, I'm not really sure . . .

Dr Mau: How can you not be sure? Here in your dossier, you said he could be either your ex-boyfriend, your *father*, your *brother*, or "none of the above"? How can you be not sure of *those* facts?

Demi: I-I can't seem to recall my childhood very well . . . Some things I just can't remember . . . Sometimes it seems like he was my boyfriend and sometimes he was Bomba's boyfriend--

Dr Mau: And Bomba is?

Demi: My sister.

Dr Mau: Are you sure?

Demi: Yes! Uhhhh--well, I'm pretty sure . . .

Dr Mau: Everlasting Cat . . .

Munkustrap: (gets defensive) She gets confused sometimes. (They have a mushy huggy moment)

Dr Mau: This is getting waaaaay too coy for my liking . . . (pulls out a whistle and blows it)

(Enter two large toms in security-guard uniforms and they drag Munkustrap out)

Munkustrap: Demi!

Demi: Munku!

Dr Mau: You can quit the Titanic routine now. It's too melodramatic for the viewers and quite frankly, it's giving me a toothache.

Demi: You're *not* a very nice person, are you?

Dr Mau: What tipped you off? Mister Second-in-Command was being overprotective--and getting on my nerves. Anyway, my philosophy on curing or helping cats with their fears is based on facing them--

Demi: I try to *stay away* from Macavity, not face him!

Dr Mau: --So I've brought in someone familiar . . . (door opens and Macavity comes in)

Mac: Hi Demi . . .

Demi: Macavity! (practically jumps out of chair)

Dr Mau: Now, Mac, what is your relationship with Demi?

Mac: Well, I'm actually . . .

her ex-boyfriend

her father

her brother

no relation

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