I heard a story about Demeter being abducted either when she was a kitten or just before the Jellicle Ball (she looks like she's only just made it and is venturing out first to see if any other Jellicle is there, at least in the video). Apparently she was abducted by McCavity and raped.

By catcastle

demeter is most likely the next gumbiecat to me, but she is in love with macavity, which will make her an unjellicle in future. she is best friend with bombalurina who takes care of her. she is the sister of mistoffelees and victoria and daughter of bustopher jones and jennyanydots. she is kind of paranoid.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. I don't mean to offend anyone by them, and you shouldn't be offended by them, because they might not directly reflect the character from the movie.

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