By Torizo
I have given her the nickname "The Young Jemimima". I have no idea why except for one thing that Vima and I were just playing around with.

By Sunshine

Jemima: The youngest girl kitten out of them all. Her first ball of course. Some people think she is the kitten of Demeter and Munkustrap but I dont think. She has a beautiful soprano voice. She trys so heard to fit in with the grown-ups. The best girl singer I say. Her and Victoria are the ones to convice the other jellicles to let Grizabella go to teh heavyside layer.

By Jemima

Jemima is a young kitten. This is her first Jellicle Ball. She has her eyes on guys. Some guys like her alot but she has a little crush on Rum Tum Tugger and (to me) it looks like her and Mistoffelees has something going on. If you look around he is either right behind her or right in front of her. She and him make a cute couple so I have made alot of FanFics about them:)

By Silvana

I think Jemmi is the BEST CATS character. Often times I can match her singing note for note. If I could be a Jellicle I would want ot be her.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. I don't mean to offend anyone by them, and you shouldn't be offended by them, because they might not directly reflect the character from the movie.

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