By Lickapaw

I think it could be the same with Victoria [her being bred rather than just born]. She is far and away more flexible than most of the other cats, is completely white (you don't see that in your common or garden alleycat) and has a lovely temperament. Any good cat breeder would breed all these traits into their stock.
There are stories that Victoria loses her virginity at the Jellicle Ball, during the mating dance. I don't think this is true as there is another story that she is in heat during the ball, which I go with entirely.
Cats are induced ovulators, which means something has to induce them in order to come on heat. And that something is that they have to mate. So how could Viccy lose her innocence at the Mating dance?

By Sunshine

Victoria: A young graceful kitten. This is probably her first ball. She is all white. In the movie you can see some strans of light brown when she goes and puts her hand in Grizabella's hand. Otehr than that you cant see it. She is just shy that is why she dont know a lot of cats. She hangs around Jemima, Electra, and Etcetera. I say her best friend is Jemima. I dont know why people hate her. It is just her first ball. Her mate is Plato or Tumblebrunts I think. I think it should be Mistofelees. The boy cat you mostly see her around is Mistofelees. She did the invatation to the ball with Mistofelees. In my opinion is that Victoria is the gracefuller girl cat that all the others. Her and Jemima are the ones who convince the other cats that they should let Grizabella to go to the Heavyside Layer.

By Silvana

I think a lot of people under estimate her. I also picture her as a lot like Lina in Singin' In The Rain. :)

By Anjelsina

I think I know why Victoria never says anything - she's probably deaf! Most white cats are, it's a genetic thing. Although, I don't know if deaf cats are usually mute... but anyway, maybe she's just not much of a singer. I don't know who she's mated to, but cats aren't monogamous anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. I don't mean to offend anyone by them, and you shouldn't be offended by them, because they might not directly reflect the character from the movie.

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