Mr. Mistoffelees


By Sunshine

Mistofelees: A young cat. I say his first ball. I say he is the most gracefullest boy cat out of all the boy cats. I think he can make friends easly and I dont know why you think he doesnt like Victoria. If he didnt like her why did he dance with her? The cat I see him most with is Victoria. Mistofelees is just a cat with magical powers. I think Jacob Brent makes a great Mistofelees *and a cute one too*

By Jemima

Mistoffelees is a young kitten. This is his first Jellicle Ball. At the beginning he has a crush on Victoria but as the night gose on he begans to watches Jemima and begans to like her more and more. I belive Jacob Brent is the best ever to play Mistoffelees

By Lightfoot

I'd like to voice my opinions on your web site about Mister Mistoffelees. Actually the main this is that I think Misto's mate is Cassandra, and Victoria's mate is Plato. Misto and Victoria are best friends perhaps. Misto is Quaxo until he performs magic. The costume is slightly different as well, if you compare the two. But it is played by the same person. I think Misto sings and dances really well. He's a young tom, and this should be his second or third Ball.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. I don't mean to offend anyone by them, and you shouldn't be offended by them, because they might not directly reflect the character from the movie.

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