By Torizo

She likes to flirt with the Toms, but it's obvious that she likes Rum Tum Tugger.

By Minja

I think that Bomba may actually be the sister to Macavity. She is about the same coloring(or at least close). In the Macavity song, she seems to know all about him. She doesn't seem intimidated about him and she starts singing after Demeter as if to say: Look, there's more to the "hidden paw" than you think there is. She seems to relate to him, but I don't think she approves of his lifestyle.

By catscastle

bombalurina is a big flirt but also very loveable and caring. she is the bravest queen and doesn't dare fighting if it's necessary. her best frien is demeter, they are like admetus and plato to me. bombalurina takes care of demeter and protects her. i think she had a realationship with macavity a while ago but left him. i think she is the daughter of skimbleshanks and the sister of mungojerrie.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. I don't mean to offend anyone by them, and you shouldn't be offended by them, because they might not directly reflect the character from the movie.

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