Fanart for Sale

Basically what it says... here's the art I'm willing to sell, with the price I want to sell them for... listing the materials used and approximate size of the picture. Send cash (not preferred), money order, or cheque (listed to Paulanne Winn). Shipping charge included, unless shipped by airmail (I live in Washington, USA). If you're interested in buying one, actually want a commission, or have a question, feel free to email me.

Ashley (Starlight Express) [9" x 3"] [10 US] [mechanical pencil]

Dog (furry) [5.5" x 2"] [10 US] [mechanical pencil]

Electra [5" x 3"] [10 US] [pencil]

Gypsy (furry) [7" x 5.5"] [10 US] [coloured pencil]

Kitty (furry) [4" x 3.5"] [10 US] [mechanical pencil]

Macavity and Munkustrap [5" x 3.5"] [10 US] [coloured pencils]

Plato [4" x 7.5"] [ 10 US] [coloured pencils]

Tantomile [5" x 3"] [10 US] [mechanical pencil]

Tantomile [5" x 5"] [10 US] [coloured pencils]

Thyra (centaur) [6.5" x 4"] [10 US] [coloured pencils]

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