Etcetera's Point of View
by Shugriva

I see a bird as it flies by. Yum yum yummers.
I see a mouse as it squeeks around. Yum yum yummers.
I see a fish as it swims. Yum yum yummers.
I see... I see... I see... A Rum-Tum-Tugger!

I say' "Hiya" As he passes.
I say, "Tugger!" As he walks
I say, "Watchya doin'" As he runs away.
I say, "I wanna give you a hug" I could talk to him all day.

I wonder why he ignores. I'm so cute and very loyal.
Why oh why does ignore me.
I so adorable.
For my name is.... Ectectra!

I play all day.
I look around.
I think none before I say.
I am as dumb as ground.
That's what everyone does say.

I just don't why.
They say I'm hazardious to Tugger's health,
but I wouldn't hurt a fly!
For my name is....Ectectra!

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