The Voices in Your Head
by Mevima

You know they're there, watching, listening,
They fill your moves with dread.
And you can't hide, not now, not anytime,
From the voices in your head.

One yells at you "Just kill the char!"
Another groans that he shouldn't be there.
(That one's depressive)

They fill your every waking moment -
Even moan about the bread!
They talk and clamor the night away,
The voices in your head.

Voices from books, voices from movies,
Austin Powers - "Baby, groovy!"
(Where'd HE come from?!)

They cause you to sleep restless nights,
To toss and turn in bed.
Telling all their biased opinions,
The voices in your head.

You can't get rid of them - I know, I've tried
Begged and pleaded, ordered, cried...
(Stupid voice laughed at me for that...)

They yell and screech for your attention,
'Til your personality is dead.
Finally left with no one but
The voices in your head.

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