Grizabella's Lament
By Mevima

Note: This can be sung to "Beautiful Dreamer". I didn't write "Beautiful Dreamer", but then I've been filking things forever and this must count as a filk - I'm not breaking any copyrights! YAY!

Innocent kitten,
Listen to me...
I've lived my whole life
In deep misery.

I left the tribe
When I was young
And by a thin thread
From then I was hung.

I couldn't find food -
By cash or crook -
But soon found to live
From one Casting's look.

They treated me well;
Much like a Queen.
Performing was my
One passion and dream.

Still unforgotten
Was my old tribe -
To join them once more
I did not proscribe.

Many years passed by,
Beauty did fade.
Old and abandoned,
I went to seek aid.

The Junkyard held then
No sanction for me;
All through the Ball I
Did send out a plea.

Rejected, damned, and
Cursed at was I
For trying to see
How far I could fly.

So listen, sweet kitten,
Know now the truth:
The Jellicles now are
Unkind and uncouth.

Don't join a side when
The fighting's begun -
Strays can be evil
But Munku will shun.

Now on my deathbed,
Waiting for sleep,
I've told you my tale,
Learn - and don't weep.

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