Strapped Genes

Once there was only one:
He stayed inside a lab
South of New York.

Somewhere, someone decides;
Put bread in the toaster
And butter it...

Then strap it to his back.
A cat will land
Always on his four paws --
Well, near always.

Drop him from a tall height
And watch him try
To land standing straight up.
They're laughing now.

Cori struggles in air,
Trying to turn.
The buttered toast fights back.
It's nearly winning.

The ground is approaching,
Faster, faster.
Finally it resolves:
The toast lands.

Hitting the floor, Cori is
Unharmed, but the
Buttered toast is flattened.
As is a vial.

Liquidified genes fly
Across the room.
Some landing on Cori,
And on the bread.

The scientists panic;
Was this foreseen?
What could happen when the
Genes start to blend?

The answer had to come
Sometime; sooner
Or later. The bread grew
And formed...


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