Danger of Fear
by Mevima

Am I to bear the burden of all your problems?
Am I just there to listen?
Do you really think I'm here to be used
As a dumping-place for your fears?

I swear, if I hear one more complaint...
I'll crack.

Yes, I hear you better than most.
Yes, I understand where you come from.
Yes, I can look in your mind and know
The where, what, why and how.

I swear, if I read one more mind...
I'll crack.

You all have problems, well so do I.
How do you expect me to focus
When other Cats' nightmares
Come to haunt my sleep?

I swear, if I dream once more on fear...
I'll crack.

No... no... here she comes again...
Forlorn expression on her face.
Tant, don't do this... I can't take it...
Yet I listen as she begins to complain.

I swear, if you continue on like this...
I'll crack.

She tells me of her hopes, her fears,
I try to listen to all of it.
But slowly sinking, losing sanity,
Other Cats' terror filling my head.

I swear, Tant, please stop or
I'll crack.

She doesn't seem to hear,
Immersed in her story...
I let go, adrift in the fear,
A wild grin on my face...

I'm sorry... Tant... I couldn't hold on...

You know... I think I like fearing everything...

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