Hopes and Dreams

Let me out!

I'm trapped... can't you see?
Of course not.
No one ever has.
No one ever will.

No family,
No hopes.
Not even a dream.
Don't most Cats dream?
I don't.

Not any more.

I gave up dreaming a long time ago.
It never did anything for me.
Why should I keep something that lets me down -
Every time?

With my dreams went my mind.
I retreated;
Far into myself.
Now I can't get out.

I don't control myself.
It's not my body anymore.
But if it isn't mine...
Whose is it?

Who controls me when I hiss,
"Leave me alone."?
Who controls me when I yell,
"Kill him!"?

They think I'm the leader.
They think I'm the one who kills.
Who murders.
I'm not!

Let me out!

I never wanted this.
I move with no compassion,
No feelings,
Letting no one keep hope.

You need hope.
I should know.
You need hope to keep yourself alive,
And in control.

This isn't me!
I don't hurt!
I don't murder!
I don't --

Or do I?

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