M is For Murder
by Kalliroscope


"I'm sorry, but you must die"
A slash across the throat
Red blood wells up from the wound
And stains the claws that killed
My claws
My claws now encased in a crimson veil
My claws the murderer of a Jellicle cat
Hide the body
Don't let anyone know
No one may know
If they wonder where she is
Let them think Macavity's not there again
Let them never know that for once, it wasn't him
Let them believe that she was killed
By a stray pollicle, perhaps
Clean up the blood
But still I can hear her gasp
Just before she saw who it was
Someone she trusted
Someone she loved
And then someone who killed her
Act nonchalant
And no one will know
Act concerned
That she isn't here
Act innocent
Or my guilt will show
Dark red guilt
Like the blood on my claws
Though I washed my claws
The blood is still there
Demeter's blood.

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