A Time to Love, a Time to Leave
by Kalliroscope


What's wrong with me?
Why can't I see what he is?
I know that he's evil
I know that it's true
Is this what is called
Fatal attraction?
And yet I must maintain my shield
My reputation as a flirt
It's the only way I can get away
With loving the enemy
But as I dance I can see
The emotions I feel on the face of another
When I sing I can hear
The way I feel in the voice of another
In the voice of my sister
On the face of Demeter
Now sibling rivalry comes into play
I mask my love
But she doesn't care
She puts up no shield
Just lets her feelings run wild and free
While my mask is strong
And she will be seen
She will be known
Know for her love for the enemy
What else can I do?
It's time to leave...

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