Both Sides of the Law
by Kalliroscope


Leading a double life
That's me
That's what I do
Leading a double life
The answer is always
False, not true
Working, on the one side
For the Hidden Paw
Working with the Jellicles
On the right side of the law
Sacrifice is necessary
If one is a spy
Sacrificing everything
For what?
All is a lie.
I play the double-agent
I lie my way through life
Patting someone on the back
My paw often holds a knife
They were fools to trust me
But then, they always are
I'd sell them out, their whole junkyard
From the tire to the car.
Never trust a stranger
When he's known Macavity
Never trust a stranger
No one should trust me.
I've been working for the Hidden Paw
Working, it seems, against the law
Working, in truth, for the cat
Who pays me most --
And that is that.

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