Not What We Appear: Kitten of the Night
by Kalliroscope


They think that I'm a dear little thing
They call me names like "Bambi"
They think that I'm the cute one
The sweet one
The loving one
So gentle, so kind
What would they do if I suddenly turned out to be...

Some sort of killer?
An evil little queen
Dark as night and twice as cruel?
What would they do then, those kittens and the rest?
My mother
My father
Sisters and ...
And him...

It's not the greatest first impression
Killing your crush's closest friend.
So I guess I won't be confessing my sins of the night
Not yet
Maybe in the future
Some distant far off day
I'll tell some grandkitten about my crimes
"I remember when I was a kit, I killed a queen..."

I'll keep up this hideous fa­­çade
Though it's hateful to who I am
Though I rage within my walls
Because they're all so blind!
Who do they think killed her?
Macavity, of course!
Go back to the role of innocence, dear

Put on the mask, hide the sin
Let your hatred burn within
And maybe someday you'll reveal
Everything that you feel.

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