True To My Heart
by Kalliroscope

Rum Tum Tugger

Try as I might I can't let them know
What really goes on in my mind
Though I may want to I can't let them see
All that my heart may feel
I once tried to say
And did she believe me
No! she did not.
She laughed and said "Liar. Now kiss me."
I don't think I like Bombalurina very much.
It takes a strong heart to keep ignoring
All the kittens who are me-adoring
But if I give one a kiss on the cheek
Some queen or another is at me
Like a cat catcher or something
It's tough: To not want something and pretend I do
And pretend I'm hurt when it's forbidden
It's hard: To let them love me and never say
"I love you" to the one I do.
It hurts: To lie and fake and act and pretend
And always, always, see her there
It's difficult: To flirt with another queen when I'm watching Her
Over the queen's shoulder
So for now I'll go on lying
And for now I'll still be the star
Until the time arrives
When I can leave
Taking Her with me
And be true to who I am
And be true to her.

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