In Love With the Enemy
by Kalliroscope


I guess I won't be telling them
Any time soon
Why I really left the tribe
It wasn't what they thought
What they think
It wasn't for the chance to see
The Outside World
I've known enough of that blasted Outside World
To last me another lifetime
It wasn't just a kitten's dream
Of glamour and of starlight
I left for love
Sounds sappy, no?
But true it is
My tom
For whom I left my tribe
Was named Avity
Macavity's father
I'm his mum
Bit of a revelation
I wonder what the Jellicles'd say
If they knew that I am the mother
Of their arch-enemy?
That's why I won't tell them
Never can tell them now
Not unless it's through a medium
I don't know - did they kill me?
Or was I dead, and they gave me new life?
Avity died years ago
And since then I've never cared much
Not about anything
So I wandered around and earned myself
The reputation I now hold
On the Jellicle Ball I came back
I came back and saw that young queen
The queen who could have been me
The queen who I was, long ago
A sweet, pretty cat
No more than a kit
In love with the hated one
Just as I was
Just as I am
In love with the enemy of the tribe.

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