I'm Not a Ditz!
by Kalliroscope


I'm not a ditz!
I have a brain!
Guess what:
I even have a soul.
My fur's not blonde!
My heart is here!
Though I seem to like squealing
More than anything else
It's not true!
I'm not a ditz!

I'm not all fluff!
I am a queen!
I can think if I want to
I can love if I dared
I might even some day
Understand why they think I'm a fool
Cos I'm not a fool!
Beneath my fur and skin
There lies a soul
I'm not all fluff!

I don't like him!
Though I squeal as much as the rest
Over that tom, abominably dressed
I find in my heart (yes it's there)
Not a particle of affection for
The Rum Tum Tugger
Rock star tom
Every night I look at that poster in disgust
It hangs just over my bed
But I still don't like him!

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