His Death Unfelt
by Kalliroscope


Do I really care if he's dead or if he's not?
Macavity killed Munkustrap, they tell me in tears
Yes, I put up a false front
Go silent and pale and then start to weep
But a part of me is detached
Wondering why the other half is crying
The first part is --
Well, if not happy, then not sad
The second part is --
Sobbing bitter tears and wondering why it had to be him
But I think I watch the second part
And live in the first
And I don't feel a thing
Not even wonder
I am not even curious why
Why Munkustrap died
Why Macavity killed him
When the Jellicles weren't even fighting
Just Munku, walking down the street
According to the tearful Jenny, Macavity himself
Leapt out of the alley and stabbed Munkustrap in the back
My other half weeps harder
Jenny and Jelly are comforting her
Oozing sympathy
My lonely half needs sympathy
My silent half needs none
I wonder what they'd say, those two gossiping queens
If they knew that behind the tears lay me
Silently uncaring
I care not that he is dead!
And I care not that I don't care.

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