Crown of Thorns
by Kalliroscope

Old Deuteronomy

I am given too much power
Too much for the paws of one cat to hold
Too much responsibility
Too much of a burden for me
If I could give it all up
And start anew, a mewling kit
Lose this power, this throne
This crown of thorns
I would in a moment
In the time it takes to ask "Why?"
And now I'll tell you why
No one cat should wield such force
No one cat should control so many lives
No one cat should be the king of a thousand minions
The fate of the world should rest on multiple shoulders
But not on mine alone
They worship me, though
They see me as half-god
And who am I to disillusion them?
I should be as noble as they see me
I should act as kindly and as gentle as they think
I should know the way to make a just decision
I should not be tormented with indecision
This is one thing I am firm on
This is one thing on which I know my mind
I shouldn't be allowed to hold them all
All in my paw
To crush or to conquer
Or to cherish
As I see fit
No one cat should be given this burden
No one cat should be given this crown.

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