The Backwards Brat
by Kalliroscope


What they see is the perfect princess
What they think is a perfect dear
What I am is a perfect brat.
I know how mean I often am
But only inside
To the world I am a good kitten
To the tribe I am a "dear"
To me?
I think I'm a nasty little cat
But they seem to think I'm sweet
It's all messed up!
It should be that they think I'm a brat
And I know I'm not
Backwards is my life
The Backwards Brat, that's me!
But do I want to let them see
That hateful creature that is me?
Or should I hide it, deep within
Let them think that I can't sin?
Do I say all that I feel?
Should this monster be revealed?
And if it is, what will they say?
Will I be forced to go away?
Maybe they will let me stay...
Therefore hide, you creature dark
Hide there, lurk there, like a shark
Deep inside my secret self
My true soul, on a dusty shelf.

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