Dr. Diavalo and Noilly Prat
by Cerrita

Dr. Diavalo, the doctors cat!
And his assistant, Nurse Noilly Prat.
Together they work for those in need,
Tabby's and Persians and special breed.

Siamese is Dr. Diavalo,
And Noilly Orat is a calico.
Though they're different in every way,
There're with each other, everyday.

All around the world and back again,
The doctor and Noilly Prat have gone.
To them, their adventure just began,
But to others, it's just about done.

Their aging now, the doctor and she.
We fear their time is almost done.
All agree that there will never be,
having them around was very fun!

(Note: I got the name Dr. Diavalo from Jellicleball.com, and Noilly Prat from Mistohunny's Domicile. All I know about these two cats in that Noilly Prat is female.)

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