Too Much
by Bom

I hold too much power in my paws,
But the secret I hold bears on me greater,
I love him but hate him as all of us do,
But I can't!
I can't be in love with another tom!
Especially our greatest enemy,
But somehow he's caught me,
As if that's bad enough,
I know he knows,
Now he kisses my cheek and I sigh,
I love him too much,
My mind screams stop!
But my heart screams louder,
I whisper in his ear now,
Sweet truthfull words,
"I love you Macavity",
He purrs and kisses me once more,
He whispers in my ear now,
"I love you too Munkustrap",
I know it's wrong,
I know all too well,
But as many humans say,
Without him life would be a living hell,
I walk away back to the tribe,
Whising I could stay,
But he knows too,
I won't hide much longer,
I promise,
But for now I bear far too much.

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