Separate Togetherness
By Alliecallienip

Don't they understand?
I'm more than a twin.
I'm myself.
I have hopes, dreams, ideas -
Separate from his.
We're different, him and I.
But they can't see it…
To them,
I'm one-half of a whole.
A point five.
Not complete.
But it's not true.

Even my thoughts aren't my own -
He always knows.
I can't hide anything from him.
We look the same.
We move the same.
But we are not the same.
We are unique.
But not to them.
To them -
We are one.

He doesn't feel like I do.
He thinks it's great to be a twin.
And it is -
Until you realize
That you can never have a love -
A mate.

Too closely linked.

He thinks that's fine - all we need is each other.
But I'm more than a twin - I'm myself.
We are not the same.

I'm the misunderstood
Brother of the Magical Mister Mistoffelees -

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