By Alliecallienip

I'm not a flirt.
I'm not a ditz.
I can think on my own.
But no one believes me.
Even my name - Etcetera.
So on and so forth.
I'm not always like that.
I cry as well as giggle.
I frown as well as smile.
I'm calm as well as hyper.
I'm quiet as well as loud.
But no one sees that part of me.
I hide it; lock it up.
Keep it from everyone.
That is not the me they know.
The Curious Cat -
They call it a crush.
An obsession.
It's more than that -
It's love.
Every time I see him with another -
I am dying inside.
They say I'm just a kitten….
Puppy love.
A phase.
I'll get over it.
No, say I.
True love.
I am not a flirt.

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