Sleep and Manners

Lydia: Proto-indo-slavic-celtic-baltic-iranic-gooblic-germanic-befuddleic-Ugricarian: the language of the gods.
Kallie: The gods can blabber all they want, but let me get some sleep!
Mevima: At least you get more than me - an average of 3 hours a night!
Lydia: I get an average of 8 hours of sleep a night - I'm not a night-owl.
Kallie: If I average nights per week...
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7 hours per night
Friday & Saturday: 12 hours per night.

Lydia: I get the same amount of sleep on the weekends.
Mevima: And you're still tired? All I need is 5 hours a night and I'm set.
Kallie: Five?! Seven is comfortable. Five is need more Z-time.
Mevima: ZZZZZ...
Lydia: According to the health teachers, you're supposed to have something like 10 hours of sleep a night. How are you supposed to get that and get to school on time - go to bed @ 6:00?!
Mevima: I just don't listen to 'em. Usually I'm reading email all night.
Lydia: You'd get a lot more sleep if you got off all those mailing lists.
Mevima: I'm only on one! But I'm trying to join an RPG. I only take so long because those kits're insane and write tons'o'stuff!
Lydia: I've tried a couple horsey RPG/sim games. They're OK.
Mevima: Well... it's a Cats RPG mailing lest ('course, what else would I join?!) I don't think it's quite the same.
Lydia: Probably not. Agh! 25 more minutes!
Mevima: Of class? Gr. Boring boring boring boring...
Lydia: See what I mean about Teacher the Bat? (crone, hag, whatever)
Mevima: 'S not her fault. It's the material she has.
Lydia: She has choices about how she teaches! Mr. Buchanan teaches Math, for cats' sake, but it's one of my favorite classes.
Mevima: "For cats' sake"? *giggle*
Lydia: It's an expression I use. Go figure.
Will you lend me one of your Ranma books for a day? Pleeeeze?

Mevima: Uh... all I've got besides #4 is Japanese #14 and 15.
Lydia: That's okay. I just want to trace pictures.
Mevima: Oh. Okee. Which one d'ya want?
Lydia: Thankyou! How about Japanese #14? Thankyou!
Mevima: Okee. Kodiak an' Jennyanydots'd love you! You're actually polite!
Lydia: Um... I'll take that as a compliment.
Mevima:You wouldn't believe how many times they've told me "Say please", "Say thank you" and then "There's a good kit."!!
Lydia: They've told you? Do tell.
Mevima: Huh? Explain? ... foreign... expressions... OY! Lydia: A musical character told you to mind your manners?
Mevima: Mm-hm. She visits, gives me a bath, then stays for a while to make sure we don't forget anything.
Lydia: I won't ask.
Mevima: Good. *eg* When I put these on my site, can I use your real names?
Lydia: WHAAAT! I'm taking them.
Mevima: *raspberry* I've already got two pages.
Lydia: I can just see it:


Mevima: No, actually, I'd label it something like 'Insanity via Notes'.
Lydia: "Rm 3: The Underground"
Mevima: But can't I put it on my site? Puleeeaze?! *Jemima eyes*
Lydia: *pout* Fine.
Mevima: YAY!!!
Lydia: *raspberry*
*class ends*

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