A New Fanfic!

Mevima: I will now write a fic in which I pair Misto with Macavity. (DARK fic, BAD idea, but I'll write it anyway) *g*
Lydia: Erg... I don't know if I want to read this...
Mevima: Problem is, how do I start?
Lydia: Don't ask me. I wanna read!
Mevima: The Cat's job is to keep you from doing whatever you want to do and make you pay attention to it. So HA!
Lydia: I'd like to see you try.
Mevima: I'll take the book, bombard you with notes, what-EVER to make you stop.
Lydia: *raspberry*
Mevima: LAAAAAA -- hey, how about starting it with Misto being dumped by a Queen?
Lydia: Yes, Mevima.
Mevima: *mocking* Yes, Lydia.
Lydia: Uh-huh.
Mevima: So, I know you don't know CATS very well... but who should dump 'im?
Lydia: Whatever you say, Mevima.
Mevima: GR! *takes Lydia's book*
Lydia: If you took my book, then why am I still reading?
Mevima: Because... 'cause you're reading an imaginary book!
Lydia: Yes, Mevima.
Mevima: RAAR! Notebook - head!
Lydia: Jelli - brain!
Lydia: Thankyou.
Mevima: *confuzzled* Huh?
Lydia: I like Pollicles!
Mevima: Eep! You can't like Pols! They're mean!
Lydia: Well, I do. *hmph*
Lydia: Yes I do.
Mevima: Then how kin ya like 'em both?
Lydia: Why not?
Mevima: Uh... 'cuz they're opposites! Dog and Cat, Cat and dog! Pol and Jel, Jel and Pol!
Lydia: Just because they hate eachother doesn't mean I can't like them.
Mevima: Yes it does! Which is it - Pol or Jel?
Lydia: Pel.
Mevima: Huh? FINE, TIME FOR QUOTES! "You try my patience! Make your choice! *curtain pulls back to reveal Raoul with the Punjab lasso around his neck*
Lydia: Why do I care if Raoul dies? Isn't he from Phantom of the Opera?
Mevima: Yup. And since you have been christened Christine - "Toad, madame? Perhaps it is you who are the toad."
Lydia: Christine, huh? LAAAAAAAAAA!
Mevima: No. AHHHH!
Mevima: Aww... don't cwy...
Lydia: *raspberry* I need to do my Math homework.
Mevima: Too bad. AUGHH! ... to the new chandelier! There are worse things than a shattered chandelier.
*class ends*

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