Getting Into Character

Mevima: (cartoonish pics of Munku) Good for character? Puleeese?
Lydia: Cute! Can I pass it on to Kallie?
Mevima: 'K.
Kallie: *sweat*
Mevima: He's 'posed to be REALLY serious, but I can make 'im playful.
Lydia: I like him. A character from CATS? Kallie's just really snobby. She thinks un-anime is junk.
Mevima: *raspberry* Too bad! *g* Tell that to Kal.
Kallie: *lowers eyebrows* Not that it's un-anime, Lydia has an un-anime character that I think is cute. I just think the name is ugly. Cute Cat!
Mevima: Name's not my fault. He came with it.
Mevima: Hey, I'm just doing the same's everyone does in 'fics!
Kallie: *raspberry* to you!
Mevima: Okay, would you rather I put "(c) T.S. Eliot" at the bottom?
Kallie: *g* (c) Yeah!
Mevima: Gr...
Kallie: *raspberry*
Lydia: You could still change the name...
Mevima: Change it to what? "Kitty"?
Lydia: NO! I actually like Munk, or Munky. Never mind.
Mevima: "Munky"? I don't think he'd stand fer that.
Kallie: *Jemima eyes* Do you think of dogs as "the enemy"?
Mevima: Usually. I call 'em Pollicles, but a few are nice.
Kallie: *sizzles* POLLICLES?!!!
Mevima: *giggle* Well, apparantly, the name was made when T.S.E.'s neice tried to say 'Poor little doggy'. Cats're Jellicles! (or strays)
Kallie: *g* That is funny... Hmph. I like dogs better than Jelly- faces!
Mevima: JELLY-FACES?!!!
Kallie: (pic of empty jelly jars and Cat with jelly on face)
Mevima: Gr... "Jellicle Cats" are also by T.S. ELIOT!!
Kallie: *raspberry* Jelly-faces! Jelly-faces!
Kallie: Don't call me a Polliwag! (pic of 'Polliwag' from Pokemon)
Mevima: Gr. No use arguing with a non-Cats-fan 'cauz they don't understand anything.
Kallie: *g* Yep!
Mevima: Do you even know who Rumpus is? Or "What's a Jellicle Cat?"
Kallie: ?
Mevima: *sigh* I'm gonna drag you t' my house an' make you watch CATS.
Kallie: *g* I'd rather read it, if you have a story-book of it.
Mevima: I do. Here. *g* *gives copy of "CATS: the Musical" to Kal*
Kallie: *gives book back* There's no story!
Mevima: Silly - it's the songs. There isn't a "plot" as such, it's about the Jellicle Ball.
Kallie: Zzzz
Mevima: Gr. If you saw the musical, you wouldn't fall asleep! (Well... with Gus' song... )
*class ends*

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