Mevima: Ha! You's got two books and I'm gonna send notes! MWAHAHAHA!!!
Lydia: Hmph. You'll be sorry when it's your turn to read.
Mevima: *raspberry* I's way over there, an' I kin lookit your book.
Lydia: Are you speaking Jellicle-talk? You need to learn English again.
Mevima: "Jellicle-talk"? I'm jus' writin' shorthand!
Lydia: You sound like you're from Nar Shadaa.
Mevima: 'Ould ya ratha' Oi spaoke een Cocknea? Wha's 'Na' Sada'?
Lydia: Yeah! Like a mole. Nar Shadaa (a.k.a. Smugglers moon) is in Star Wars. You wouldn't know it.
Mevima: Oi 'ood tao!! Oi 'ached oll foa' maovees!
Lydia: Hee hee! Cockney makes me laugh. Anyway, it's only in the books.
Mevima: Oy! Loike a maole? 'Acha mean?
Lydia: *ROFL* That cracks me up!
Mevima: Oy, kin ya unner'an' 'at Oi'm raitin'?
Lydia: More of less.
Mevima: Goo'! Kin Oi sto' raitin' Cocknea te'n?
Lydia: If you want to.
Mevima: Oy! That's a relief. It's hard trying to put it into an accent! Easier when you're saying it.
Lydia: I can't do either.
Mevima: Nya nya! Can ya do any ah-xent 'tall, lassie?
Lydia: No' Roily.
Mevima: *laughs hysterically* Sorry, it looks like you're saying "No, Roily, sir."
Lydia: Well, it was supposed to mean "not really".
Mevima: I know! It just looked funny.
Lydia: Gocha. Do you have the same homework as I do?
Mevima: *leaps on Lydia's head* Gotcha! *giggle* Which homework?
Lydia: *does a headstand and squishes Mevima* Math.
Mevima: Gwa... *gurgle*... yaag... ug...
Lydia: *gets up and splashes Mevima with water* Well?
Mevima: Hey! Where'd that come from? I'm too far behind in homework to tell - I still have to find my book. *fills water balloon and splatters it against Lydia*
Lydia: THAT DOES IT! *gets hose*
Mevima: OY! *hides behind Kodiak*
Kodisan: Huh? Where'd I come from?
Lydia: Beats me. *but it's too late - Mevima is dripping*
Mevima: *leaps onto Lydia, covering her with water*
Lydia: *boots Mevima over Jellicle Moon* Hmph.
Mevima: YAAAAH!! *voice from nowhere* Hey, neat-o's! The Heaviside Layer!
Lydia: *grumbles* Stupid cat.
Mevima: I'M NOT STUPID!! (and you forgot to capitalize Cat) *leaps down, back onto Lydia's head*
Lydia: *does a somersault* Pancake Cat!
Mevima: *flattened to ground* Oy...
Lydia: ***************too many asterisks***************
Mevima: *springs up* Well, at least I'm dry now. Ha-ha! You have two books to study from, and two sets of notes to reply to!
Lydia: I'm just sooooo popular.
Mevima: Only because Kallie's not here anymore, so you must be bombarded instead of her.
Lydia: I'm getting hand cramps.
Mevima: *raspberry* Too bad.
*class ends*

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