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Alliecallienip (commission from Allie - just. don't. ask.)
Alliecallienip, Jen, Kalliroscope, and Tigerlily (commission by Kalliroscope)
Epona and Jonus (request from Tailkinker)
Epona and Jonus (request from Silvana)
Jellicat and Munkustrap (request from Jellicat)
Jellylorum - drunk! (commission from Alliecallienip)
Jennyanydots (request from Alliecallienip)
Kalliroscope and Trysial (request by Kalliroscope)
Macavity and Alonzo (request from Calamity)
Mistacor (commission from Mistacor)
Mistoffelees (comission from Lilmisto)
Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (comission from Lilmisto)
Munkustrap (request from Kalliroscope)
Munkustrap in drag! (request from Tigerlily and Jen)
Munkustrap and Demeter (*shudder* Request from Jemi... I'm ripping this one up...)
Nocturna (request from Nocturna)
Old Deut and Grizabella (request from Tailkinker)
Patch O'Black (request from Patch)
Pouncival, Alonzo, Mistoffelees, Mungojerrie, and Munkustrap (request from Pouncival)
Sia (request from... Sia! *g* Surprise, surprise, I actually drew it..)
Silvana and Tugger (request from Tailkinker)
Tailkinker (request from Tailkinker)
Tailkinker and Alonzo (request from Tailkinker)
Tantomile (request from Chapeau, laate at night)
Tigera (request from... Tigera, duh)
Tugger (request from Calamity)


Alonzo and Munkustrap (illustration to Breakaway)


Alonzo (I really think this pic is going to get kits either laughing hysterically or killing me for)
Calamity and Mevima
Chapeau and Tantomile (Chap's me online friend!)
Demeter (My first watercolour in about a year)
Demeter (Aeva May as)
Electra (she's cuuuute!)
Jemima (really proud of this one)
Macavity and Munkustrap (OOOOO!!! One of my best!!!)
Macavity and Munkustrap (gotta love this pairing!)
Mistoffelees?! (All I can say about this is... IT'S CHAP'S FAULT! First pic with chalk, don't mind the caption... *looks innocent*)
Munkustrap (Winged!)
Plato (Cuuuuute...)
Poster-type pic
Rum Tum Tugger
Tantomile(Kaye Brown as)
Tantomile and Coricopat(Just don't think of them as twins and you'll do just fine...)
Victoria (Uhh... *sweatdrop*)

Other Drawings

Ashley (StEx)
Hippie kitty
Knife (doodled with red pen)
Minja (Drawn off of her description of herself...)
Paper Bag (DON'T ASK)
Siadea Kanche (drawn off of her description of herself)
Sword and shield
Thyra (centaur woman)
Volta (Starlight Express)


Cute feline
Gypsy feline
Pollicle in jeans
Snow leopard

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