Bag of Tricks
by Taffy


The Junkyard was peaceful and serene. All of the felines that were there were either napping or quietly chatting. Victoria stretched.

"Quiet days. One of my favorite types of days," she muttered.

However, before Victoria could close her eyes for a catnap, a cat raced into the junkyard, out of breath. It was a small female. She was white with light orange markings on her back, head, and tail. All of the other cats gazed at the intruder. Her dark green eyes scanned the junkyard, then she called out.

"Are any ... of you cats in ... here Jellicles, because two cats ... need your help ... really bad!" she gasped.

Munkustrap stepped forward. "Yes, we are Jellicles. Who are you, and who are these two cats?"

"Well, I'm Trixie ... and I don't know those other two cats." She took a deep breath. "One's an orange ... black and white male ... and the other's white with ... black markings." She paused again. "He's a male, too."

"That sounds like Mungojerrie!" said Pouncival.

"And Alonzo," said Cassandra.

"But where's Rumpelteazer?" Electra asked.

Trixie continued. "Those two ... cats are being clobbered by... a bunch of rats and really bad cats. A tall ... ginger cat was their ringleader."

"Macavity!" Demeter cried.

"The black and white ... cat told me to come here," Trixie said, "and now that I've found ... you ... we've got to hurry!"


"Well, Mungojerrie, do you wish to rethink your little comment?" Macavity asked.

"I already told you, I'm not going to be working for you any more. Now, where is Rumpe-" Mungojerrie was cut off by a swipe to the face.

"You think that you can just waltz up to me and say that I don't own you any longer?" hissed Macavity.

"Jerrie, what's he talking about?" Alonzo asked.

"Ahh," said Macavity. "You're little friend here doesn't know, does he?" Macavity stalked menacingly toward the black and white cat. Alonzo tried to attack, but, being pinned by two larger toms, all he could do was hiss and bare his claws.

"Macavity, leave him alone!" Mungojerrie blurted out.

Macavity turned and glared at him. "You stood up to me once. I wouldn't do it again if I were you," he warned.

Mungojerrie grew bolder. "What do you need him for, anyway? He's not yours. Teazer isn't, either. Why don't you just-"

"I warned you!" Macavity lunged for him. That would have been the end of him if Munkustrap hadn't pushed Mungojerrie out of the way. Macavity narrowly missed diving straight into the wall.

Alonzo threw off the two cats that had him pinned, who had been distracted by this turn of events. "Well, it's about time you got here!"

"Such a touching reunion," sneered Macavity. "'Tis a shame I must leave you, though."

"No!" Mungojerrie screeched. "Macavity!" All of the other cats struggled to keep him from entering a fight he couldn't win.

"I'll be seeing you around, Mungojerrie." With that, Macavity and his gang vanished.

Mungojerrie hissed violently in the direction Macavity took off in.

"Um, Jerrie, uh, this may be a bad time, but, um, where's Rumpelteazer?" Electra asked hesitantly.

Mungojerrie struggled even harder to get away from Rum Tum Tugger, Alonzo, Munkustrap, and Plato. "Knock it off, Jerrie!" Tugger yelled.

"Macavity," said Alonzo.

"What about Macavity?" Pouncival asked.

"Macavity has Rumpelteazer.

The cats were taken aback. "What exactly do you mean, Alonzo?" demanded Munkustrap.

"I can only tell you what I know."

"Very well. Proceed."

"All right. I was taking a walk," Alonzo explained, "and when I passed by this alley, I heard something. Being curious, I decided to take a peek. I saw Macavity, and Jerrie was surrounded by his goons, and they were closing in on him. I knew that Jerrie didn't stand a chance alone, so I figured I'd help him out." Alonzo looked down a bit sheepishly. "Turned out to be too many for me to handle. But, I saw this orange and white cat, and told her to go for help. I, uh, hope you don't mind..." Alonzo trailed off.

"Alonzo," said Munkustrap, "if you hadn't sent for us, you two would probably be dead. You did what you had to do." Alonzo smiled. "Now, is there anything else?"

"No, not really, just some fighting until you got here." Alonzo's ears perked up. "Oh, wait, I remember something!"

"What is it?" asked Skimbleshanks.

"A few moments before you all arrived, Jerrie said that Macavity didn't own him anymore."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tumblebrutus asked.

"I don't know. Maybe Jerrie quit or something."

"That will be fine, " said Munkustrap. "Now let's get Jerrie back to the Junkyard. In his condition, that's the safest place he can be."


Returning to the Junkyard seemed to get Mungojerrie out of his shock. Munkustrap went up to him. "Do you think that you'll be able to tell us what led up to this incident?"

Mungojerrie nodded. "The whole thing started about a year ago. This was before me and Teazer met up. Well, I was walking by myself one day, and that was the day I met Macavity. I didn't know he was so evil then just another cat burglar, like me and Teazer. Macavity told me all these stories, and before I knew it, I was working for him. I was in deep, and I didn't know how to get out, and he knew it. Every night, he always said, 'I made you into the cat you are now. I own you. I made you, and I can break you,'" Mungojerrie paused. "Meanwhile, I was a different cat when I was around Teazer and the rest of the Jellicles. I thought I could handle it," he said to Munkustrap, "but when everyone found out that I was doing things for Macavity, I knew I had to do something. But-" he hung his head. "I was scared of Macavity. I didn't know what to do. I always lost my wits whenever he was around. That all changed, though, when Macavity found out about Teazer.

"I couldn't let Macavity get hold of her. So I kept mum. He still found out, somehow. He demanded that I bring her to him. And that's when I knew that I couldn't work for him anymore."

"What did you do?" asked Pouncival.

"A few days later, I went to Macavity and told him that I was resigning. Then I turned around and walked out of there. I was going to tell Teazer all about my former job." Mungojerrie started to shake a little. "When I got back to Victoria Grove, she wasn't there. I checked Cornwall Gardens and in Launceston Place. No Teazer. In Kensington Square, she wasn't there, but," he shuddered, "I found her pearls. When I saw some tufts of ginger fur, I knew Teazer had put up a good fight, but I knew that Macavity had her.

"I went to find him. When I did, I told him to tell me where Teazer was, and still is. He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. Eventually, he said that he'd let her go, if we would both work for him. I told him that Teazer'd never sink that low, and I wouldn't ever go back to him and betray all of you again.

"Well, that got him really mad, and he started repeating his little saying again, how he owned me and all. When I told him that wasn't true anymore, he sent his gang after me. Then Alonzo joined in, and he's told you what's happened since then."

The cats were all silent as they thought this over. Pouncival looked at every cat's concerned face, and his face also fell. He threw his arms hopelessly in the air.

"Now what?"


"First thing's first. We have to figure out some way to rescue Rumpelteazer, "said Munkustrap.

"O.K. How are we going to do that?" Pouncival asked again.

"Well, maybe we could disguise ourselves and try to sneak in, or we could ask Mr. Mistoffelees..." Jellyorum offered.

"No," said Tantomile, "that won't work."

"Why not?"

"Macavity knows the Jellicles," Coricopat explained, "so he'll recognize us. Even with disguises, no one here realty acts like a member of Macavity's tribe, except, of course, for Mungojerrie."

"As for Misto," Tantomile continued, "after what happened at the Ball, Macavity will expect us to do it again. He's clever. Nevertheless, " she added, glancing at the small magician. "No possible solutions should be ruled out."

"What would really help is if we had someone on the outside," commented Rum Tum Tugger.


Paw Prints (author's note): Instead of using Jemima, as was used in the video, I'm using Sillabub, for two reasons. One: T. S. Eliot invented the name Sillabub, and two: I like it better. So I'm using Sillabub. :)

"Like who?" asked Admetus.

Before anyone could answer, a speeding ball of fur dashed across the Junkyard. It avoided colliding with Skimbleshanks, and leaped onto a stack of cardboard boxes. The boxes tumbled over, and the furball tumbled into the middle of the other cats.

"Hi Etcetera," said Sillabub.

"Hi!" Etcetera exclaimed. She looked around at all the solemn faces, then asked, "What happened here?"

The Jellicles tried to come up with a suitable summary for the kitten, since that didn't have time to tell the stories again.

"Well, it's a long story..." Plato began.

"It started a while ago..." Demeter tried.

"It's a rather complex tale..." Quaxo made an attempt.

Jennyanydots climbed off the car and walked over to the multicolored kitten, who had a very confused look on her face. "Dear," Jenny said, "it's like this: Jerrie works for Macavity no longer. However, Macavity's captured Teazer and now we're trying to come up with some way to get her back."

"Oh. O.K.," Etcy said. "What's the plan?"

"I suggested that we get someone on the outside to help," Tugger said.

"I'm sure that any idea of yours would be absolutely marvelous," Etcy said dreamily.

"Outside of what?" Admetus asked.

"Outside of the Tribes," Tugger clarified as he coolly slid off his perch, which was actually an abandoned bicycle seat covered with a fuzzy toilet seat cover. "According to Cory, none of us can sneak in to get Teazer. Obviously, we can't exactly set someone from Macavity's Tribe to help out. That's why we need a, well, 'outsider,' so to speak."

By this time, Jerrie had recovered from his shock. "I'm going."

"Excuse me?" Munkustrap said.

"I said I'm going. Teazer's my mate, and I'm going to get her. It's my fault she's where she is now. I have to go, Munky. Don't try and stop me."

Munkustrap looked at the ground. "No, Jerrie, you can't go." Their eyes locked. "The moment Macavity sees you, someone's probably going to get hurt-"

"Like me?" Jerrie asked him. "Why can't I go?"


"So you're willing to send in a complete stranger?"

"Listen to me!" Munkustrap nearly yelled. I don't want to see anyone get hurt. Especially not you. If you think about it, you've just escaped. We just got you back and we're not losing you again."

"Who do we know that's on the 'outside,' as you put it?" Tumblebrutus asked Tugger.

"How about that orange and white cat?" suggested Electra.

"What orange and white cat?" asked Etcy.

"She was the one who told us about the fight." Munku explained.

"What fight?"

Jenny smiled and explained to the young cat, "When Jerrie confronted Macavity about his resignation, Macavity sent his pack after him. Alonzo, who had joined the fight, told the orange and white cat to come for us."

"So," Electra said, "she;s an outsider and she's already helped us before. Maybe she'll do it again."

"What was her name?" Alonzo asked.

The cats stared at him. They couldn't remember!

"Trudy?" Demeter proposed.

"Tressa?" pondered Victoria.

"Maybe Tilly?" This was from Pouncival

"Dixie?" offered Tumblebrutus.

"Trixie," said Etcy.

"That's it!" cried Munku. "How did you know her name? Do you know her or something?"

"Yes, I know her," she said. "I mean, I should know her. White with orange markings, dark green eyes, right?"

"Right," said Victoria. "She interrupted my nap."

"How do you know her?" asked Jellyorum.

"We live together!"


The Jellicle cats looked at her.

"You two live together?" asked Bombalurina.

"But I thought you said you were an only cat," remarked Pouncival.

"Yeah, we live together, and yeah, I was an only cat," Etcy explained. "You see, my humans were afraid that I'd get lonely in that big house all by myself with no one to play with, so they adopted Trixie. Me and Trixie-"

"That's 'Trixie and I,' dear," Jennyanydots corrected her.

Etcetera playfully rolled her eyes and continued. "Trixie and I," she said, looking at Jennyanydots, "have so much fun together. She's a bit older that I am, probably about Misto's age, and she's very nice and very sweet."

Munkustrap thought for a moment. Trixie wasn't a Jellicle, but she wasn't a cat of Macavity's, either. Besides, she might be their only chance at getting Rumpelteazer back. "Etcetera," he said, "do you think that Trixie would be willing to help us?"

"Um, I don't know. Want me to bring her here?"

"Very well. Go get her."

"Be right back!" Etcetera cried as she dashed out of the Junkyard.


It took Etcetera about thirty minutes to fetch Trixie. All the cats were anxiously awaiting their arrival.

"I now present," a young voice resounded through the Junkyard, "Trixie!"

The cats gazed at the shy cat who wandered cautiously in. Her dark green eyes scanned the Junkyard for the second time that day. At long last, she uttered a meek "Hello."

A tall gray tabby walked over to her. "That's Munkustrap," whispered Etcetera to Trixie. "He's the one I was telling you about."

"Trixie?" he asked, looking down at her. She nodded and he continued. "First of all, I would like to thank you for coming to get us so we could help Mungojerrie and Alonzo." The two cats nodded. "If you hadn't come as fast as you did, or hadn't come at all, chances are they'd be dead."

"You're welcome," replied Trixie, a little less timid.

"Secondly, we have a favor to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"We need you to pretend to join Macavity's tribe so you can rescue Rumpelteazer."

"Who's Macavity and Rumpelteazer?"

"Macavity's a ginger cat. He's very tall and thin. You would know him if you saw him for his eyes are sunken in," Bombalurina sang.

"Was he the leader of the group that was attacking those two cats?"

"Yes. Rumpelteazer is his mate," said Munkustrap, gesturing towards Mungojerrie. "Can you help us?"

"Oh, well, uh, I don't know, I mean, he was a really scary cat," Trixie shifted her weight nervously, "and he was mean, and, well, why do you need me?

Munkustrap laid a paw on her shoulder. "You are the only cat we know that isn't a Jellicle and doesn't work for Macavity. You are the only cat who can sneak in there without being recognized and caught. Please Trixie. We need you."

Trixie looked nervously from Munkustrap to Etcetera. "I don't know..." she said shakily.

Mungojerrie walked over to her. "In case you didn't know, I'm Mungojerrie - Teazer's mate. Now, the choice is up to you, but Munky's right. As much as I want to, I can't go rescue Teazer." He shot Munkustrap a look. "And I can't, no, I won't go back to him, 'cuz I won't put my friends in danger any more. But you, Macavity doesn't know you, so you can get her out of there."

"How do you know that Macavity doesn't know me?" Trixie asked.

"Well," Mungojerrie explained, "lets just say that if Macavity knew you, you would know him. Anyway, as I was saying, I need Teazer back. I've always looked out for her. Trixie, do you know what it feels like to lose someone so close to you, and you feel so helpless, and there's nothing you can do?"

Trixie looked down. Her thoughts took her back to the numerous shelters and pounds in which she had lived. Then they took her back a bit farther, to when she was just a tiny kitten, playing with her brother and sister. When they took her away, she never saw them again. Yes, Trixie knew how it felt. She looked back up at Mungojerrie and nodded slowly.

"That's what I'm going through right now. Will you please, please help?"

Her head was telling her no, that this was a bad idea and she could get herself killed, but Trixie was listening to her heart. It told her to help this orange, black, and white cat. She had opportunity to spare him the suffering that she was forced to endure throughout most of her life.

"Mungojerrie," Trixie said, "I'll try my hardest to get Rumpelteazer back. Count me in."


Xymon was out patrolling the area outside of the warehouse. Macavity had told him to keep an eye out for any of those Jellicles who might try and rescue the cat Rumpelteazer. Xymon couldn't figure out why Macavity just didn't let her go. She didn't work for them, and she sure wouldn't agree to. He just didn't understand some of Macavity's policies, but knew better than to question them.

As Xymon rounded a corner, he saw an orange and white cat snooping around a pile of trash. "Hey!" he yelled. "What do you think you're doing?" The trespasser gave him one look with her dark green eyes, then resumed what she was doing.

Xymon wasn't accustomed to being ignored. He repeated his question, but got the same response. He became very angry. "You'd better tell me what you're doing, or I'll-"

"You'll what?"

Xymon was stunned. No cat had ever talk to him this way before, except for Macavity and Natora. Who did this stranger think she was, anyway? Did she have a death wish? Obviously, because no other-

"And you are?" The cat interrupted his thoughts.

"Xy - Xymon," he stammered. Mental note to self, he thought. Work on stuttering problem. "Who are you?"

"None of your business," she retorted. "Look, Xymon, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm going to be anyway. I'm looking for a certain cat." She looked at his multicolored brown fur, watery-green eyes, and kinked tail. "You are not that cat. Now unless you can help me find this cat, I suggest you go away."

"Do-don't talk to me that way," he advised, and cursed his speech impediment under his breath. "Does this 'certain cat' have a name?"

"Yeah. Macavity. Heard of him?"

Xymon's eyes narrowed. "What do you want Macavity for?"

"Why are you asking so many questions?"

"You're in Ma - Macavity's territory right now. In fact, you're standing right next to his hea - headquarters. It's my job to keep an eye out for any tres-trespas-trespassers. You are a trespasser. Therefore-"

"You going to take me to him or what?" He muttered something. "What was that?" she asked.

"Follow me."


Macavity paced in a circle around a tom. "What do you mean, they aren't doing anything?"

"Just what I said, they ain't doing anything! I mean, they're a little upset, but they aren't doing anything!"

Macavity's eyes narrowed to slits. The tom was preparing himself for a very unpleasant experience when a female voice reverberated through the room. "Macavity, I presume?" it said.

He looked up and saw Xymon escorting a small white and orange cat. "Xymon, who is this?"

"I d-d-don't kn-know, sir, sh-she wou-wouldn't t-ell m-me her n-name."

She left Xymon's side and sauntered up to Macavity. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Trixie," she purred seductively. "I'm new to the area."

"What gives you the right to barge into my warehouse uninvited?" Macavity asked in an evil whisper.

"I didn't barge in," Trixie said matter-of-factly. "I was escorted in." All eyes turned to Xymon.

"W-we-w-w-well, I-I-I... uh... uh..." he stammered.

"Xy-Xy-Xymon," Macavity said, mimicking Xymon's disability. "Who's outside keeping an eye out for other intruders?"

Xymon's eyes opened wide and he mad a mad dash for the door.

"As for coming here," Trixie continued, "well, your reputation reaches far and wide, sir. I wanted to see if the cat lives up to the name."

This little speech amused Macavity. She is either very brave, he thought to himself, or very stupid. Still, every cat he had was one less for the Jellicles. "A... quiz," he said slowly.

"Quiz?" she asked.

"Yes. Have you ever seen, or talked to a Jellicle cat?"

"I've not heard of them," she said. "What's a Jellicle cat?"

"You've never heard of a Jellicle cat?"

"That's what I said."

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"You'll just have to trust me."

Macavity glared at her. "I trust no one."

"A good lesson to learn," Trixie replied. "You never know who you can trust these days."

There was a long pause. Macavity's red eyes and Trixie's green ones were locked. "All right. You may stay here, but if you ever, ever betray or desert me..." He let the threat hang.

"Would I do something like that?"

"You're excused," he said. Trixie turned and walked to a far corner of the room.


As soon as she reached one of the more secluded areas of the warehouse, Trixie collapsed into a shaking mass of fur and sobs. "What am I doing here?" she asked softly to herself. "What was I thinking? He could have killed me!" All of a sudden, Mungojerrie's words echoed in her head. Trixie, do you know what it feels like to lose someone so close to you, and you feel so helpless, and there's nothing you can do? That's what I'm going through right now. Will you please, please help? She had said yes.

Trixie dried her eyes. She had made the decision to help him. There was no way that she could back out now.

"You look like you just fell into a wash bin," said a deep alto voice behind her. Trixie spun around and looked into the yellow eyes of a glamorous cat. Her dark brown fur was marked with tan points; she looked like a Siamese in reverse.

"Who are you?"

"Calm down," she laughed. "I won't hurt you. I'm Natora. You must be Trixie." Trixie nodded. "Welcome to Macavity's Tribe."

Trixie smiled at this friendly cat. "Got any tips for me?"

"Stay on your toes, sleep with one eye open, stay alert, and watch your back."

"I'll keep that in mind. Anything else?"

"Yes." Natora's eyes flashed. "Keep away from the Jellicles."

When Trixie heard this, she knew that Natora was not as friendly as she thought. Play along, Trixie thought. "Macavity mentioned them. Who are they?"

"You must be new to the area. Well, OK, I'll tell you. A Jellicle cat is a member of our enemy, the Jellicles. They think they're so smart, but they're not." Natora smiled proudly. "A few weeks ago, at this 'Ball' they have, we captured their leader, some old fat cat. If it wasn't for some little magical twerp and a pompous, arrogant lion cat who decided to sing about the magic geek, we'd still have their leader." Natora's eyes took on an evil gleam. "We used to have one of them working for us. His name is Mungojerrie." Trixie's ears perked up. "Yeah," Natora continued when she saw Trixie's interest. "He thought that we we're on a 'volunteer' basis here. What he failed to realize is that this is a lifetime commitment. Once you join, you're in until you die."

"So.... uh.... where is he?"

"Mungojerrie? He ran to the Jellicles, like a coward, but not for long. Don't worry about him," Natora said with an evil smirk. "He'll come back."

"What makes you so sure?"

"You're getting to be rather nosy."

"How else am I going to learn things?"

Natora's smile turned friendly once again. "Touche. Anyway, Mungojerrie's going to return to us because we have his mate."

"Gives you a little leverage on the situation, doesn't it?"

"I like you. Do you want to see her?"

"See who?" Trixie asked innocently.

"Mungojerrie's mate, of course! Who'd you think I was talking about?" Natora didn't wait for an answer. "Come on, we'll have to ask Macavity first, since he calls all the shots around here, but he shouldn't mind." As Trixie followed her, she wondered why Natora seemed to upset about asking Macavity.


"Where are they?" Mungojerrie paced up and down the Junkyard.

"Relax, Jerrie," said Rum Tum Tugger. "Give her time."

"How much time is she going to need, Tugger? One heist doesn't even take this long!"

"Well, gee, I don't know. I'm not there and neither are you."

"Are you calling me a coward?"

The two toms began advancing toward each other. Munkustrap decided that he had best intervene.

"Whoa, you two. We're all a bit tense now, some more than others," he looked at Mungojerrie, "but we need to stay calm. We need to trust Trixie's ability."

Mungojerrie and Tugger looked sheepishly at one another. "I'm sorry, Tugger. I don't know what's wrong with me.""Don't worry about it, Jer'. Teazer's been catnapped, and you're really upset."

"I'm just so ... so scared. If either one of them gets killed, I'll never forgive myself."

Jennyanydots took up a motherly role and put her arm around Mungojerrie's shoulder. "Now, now," she said, "everything's going to be just fine. We all need to have faith in Trixie."

A little boy, about nine years old, ran into the Junkyard. His eyes fell on Mungojerrie. "There you are, Stripey! I've been looking all over for you. Mum's worried sick! Come now, let's go."

Mungojerrie explained. "He's our human's kitten. They're nice, but get worried when we're not at home for too long." With this, he followed the little boy home.

"Munkustrap?" Sillabub gently pulled on his tail.


"Will Jerrie be all right?"

"I hope so, Sillabub," he said quietly. "I hope so."


Trixie followed Macavity up a long flight of stairs and then down a hallway. When she and Natora had requested permission to see Rumpelteazer, he had decided to go in Natora's place, since he had to "ask Rumpelteazer a few ... questions." At the end of the hallway, he stopped next to an open doorway. "We're here," he said, and the two cats entered the room.

It took all of her willpower for Trixie to suppress the looks of horror, fear, and disgust that creeped across her face. A mass of mangy strays surrounded an orange, black and white cat who was chained by the neck to a pole. She was trying to keep them away from her.

"Stand back," said Macavity in a low, deep voice. The cats immediately obeyed. Trixie fought back tears. Rumpelteazer had cuts and bruises all over her body. Her collar was much too tight, and the chain attaching it to the pole wasn't as long as her tail.

"Hello, Rumpelteazer," Macavity said in the same voice as before. "First, I'd like you to meet someone." He stepped aside. "Meet Trixie. Say hello."

Trixie was afraid that she'd start crying if she tried to speak, and Rumpelteazer only glared at her. "Well, I bet you think you're something special or something, aye?" Rumpelteazer finally spoke. "You come to gawk at me, too?"

"Watch that tone of voice," Macavity warned.

"When Jerrie comes to get me, and he brings the rest of them, you'll be real sorry," she threatened.

"Remember it's Mungojerrie's fault you're here."

"Liar! You had him captive, and he couldn't do anything! It's you're fault!"

"I also have some news for you. We've been keeping an eye on the Jellicles, and they have done absolutely nothing to try and rescue you."

If you only knew... Trixie thought to herself.

"Now, the main reason I have come," Macavity continued. "An interrogation."

"I'm not telling you anything!"

"Oh, I believe you will," and he unsheathed his claws. As he approached Rumpelteazer, Xymon raced into the room.

"S...s....sir, s...sir, I...I...s....s...." Xymon tried to get out.

"What do you want, Xymon? Spit it out!" Macavity said, obviously annoyed.

"I s...saw one of th...the...the...them!"

"A Jellicle? Who was it, and why aren't you out guarding?"

"It w-w-wa-wa-was J-J-J-"

"Mungojerrie?" Macavity suggested, beginning to turn on Xymon. He nodded rapidly. Trixie did not have to feign the look of surprise on her face. What was he doing here?

"And you said they weren't doing anything to get me," Rumpelteazer said.

"Apparently he came on his own will, and the other Jellicles must now know about this," Macavity mused. "Or else I need better spies."

Xymon hopped from paw to paw. ", uh, wh..wha..what y.."

"I want you to find him, and bring him to me, you incompetent fool!" Macavity bellowed. Xymon ran out of the room as fast as is legs would take him. "Come Trixie," Macavity ordered. "We'll finish the questioning later."

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