Intro to Silver
by Starrla

*****ATTENTION: All of the characters from the actual play CATS belong to the Really Useful Group, and all my made up Characters ARE MINE! So don't steal them, if you want to use any ask me! ENJOY!*****

I was never exactly sure what brought me into Jellicle territory that night. Of all the reasons I could never be sure what it was. Regardless of the reason behind it, that night changed my life. I took a great leap, and there was no going back.

A metalically sleek, silver tom slunk around the border of the Jellicle Junkyard. He was silent on his paws, as he stealthily made his way to the great wall. With swift looks to either side, the tom sprung forward, rolled the last few feet, and scaled to the top of the Junkyard wall.

Silver peered over the wall; undecided of what his plan was, and unsure of what he would see. Silver looked down from his perch, with metallic eyes, swirling like mercury. He looked and then drew back, nearly losing his composure at the extreme beauty he beheld.

There in the dark shadow of the wall was a light figure silently dancing and swaying to inaudible music. The music of her very being. She seemed to feel the pale rays from the moon as they kissed her. And she seemed to glow and radiate her own light and beauty, as she danced alone and unaware.

Silver’s mercury eyes grew wide as he watched the young queen. The way she danced; her complete serenity cast a spell on him! He had never seen anything so beautiful, or so pure. He couldn’t leave, not now, he was tied to this queen. He couldn’t tear himself away.

The next night Victoria again went out, late, after every other cat was soundly asleep. She crept through the shadows as graceful as a goddess. Victoria came to the place illuminated by moonlight, where she had danced the previous night, but something told her to go on. Cautiously the brilliant white cat made her way past the shadows, and out of the gate; leaving the Junkyard behind.

Victoria sensed she was not the only one out here among the grass and wild shrubbery. She looked around, but was unable to make anything from the shadows. Her pale, crystal clear, blue eyes opened wide, trying to make out her surroundings, but she only saw secretive shadows, because the moon was clouded over. Victoria turned sharply and gasped when she found herself inches from a tom she had never seen before.

Neither one of them said anything. Victoria met the stranger’s metallically swirling eyes; they seemed to draw her own closer to his like magnets. The stranger stared, unblinking; mesmerized.

Silver stood perfectly still, unable to draw his eyes from the object of his adoration. Her eyes were merely inches from his own. They were pale like the rest of her, but a beautiful pale; a radiant pale! She was so close to him. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but was afraid that would frighten her.

The silent understanding between the two cats only lasted for a moment. Victoria soon gasped and looked as though she might scream or run. Silver hadn’t wanted to scare her, and he definitely didn’t want her to scream. The odds were the Jellicles wouldn’t appreciate him luring her out here. She seemed important.

"Hush now." He said softly, and comfortingly, reaching out his paw to stroke her feathery shoulder fur. Silver noticed her fur stick up as he touched her, and the white cat shivered.

"Who...who are you?" The voice that spoke was no less beautiful than the queen who possessed it. She seemed afraid. Afraid of the new situation, afraid of the strange tom, and afraid of how she felt when he touched her.

"Silver," he said, in the same soothing voice, continuing to stroke her soft white fur. And the name was fitting. His whole being was as silver, as Victoria was white. And his eyes were mesmerizing.

"Oh," she said, shivering again, "Victoria."

Silver nodded in acknowledgment, as he drew her closer. "I saw you dancing the other night," he whispered, "You’re beautiful."

Victoria seemed uncomfortable at the sudden closeness of this new tom, Silver. He no longer seemed dangerous, but he sent shivers down her spine. He made her feel strange all over. She wanted him so bad. Where did that come from? She had always been the kitten who wasn’t interested in anyone else. The other’s thought she was selfish because she wouldn’t dance with anyone; only alone. She was always alone. But she was so attracted to this foreign cat, Silver. She wanted him. She wanted to dance with him.

The pair stood, staring into each others eyes, each thinking their own thoughts, Silver still stroking Victoria, until the sky began to grow lighter.

"I... I should go." Victoria broke the silence, hesitantly. "But will I see you again?"

Victoria turned to look at the rising sun as he said, "Yes, you will." When she turned back he was gone. He had simply vanished, and she felt so alone. With one last longing look around, Victoria turned and walked back to the junkyard, wondering if it had all been a dream.

"Who is that?" Munkustrap hissed at Alonzo from their position on the wall, where they had just took up their post.

"Buh?" Alonzo asked, rubbing his eyes, and cursing early morning guard duty.

"Who," Munkustrap hissed, his face turning quite red, "Is that strange tom that with my daughter?! And where the hell did he go?!" Munkustrap demanded.

The strange silver tom Munkustrap had been watching was nowhere to behold. "Who?" Alonzo muttered, a little more awake.

Munkustrap didn’t answer. He stalked down from the wall after Victoria, who had just reentered the Junkyard. He was determined to get to the bottom of this. "You! Stay on guard!" He ordered the confused Alonzo, who was still trying to wake up.

Victoria covered her ears, trying to ignore her father’s screaming.

"I’ve already lost one daughter to cats outside the Jellicles, and I refuse to lose another!"

"What’s going on?!" Demeter demanded.

"Dad’s blowing up at Victoria about some weird tom she was supposedly with this morning." Mistoffelees informed his mother. "I don’t see why, the tom is no where to be found now; disappeared or something. And we all know Victoria isn’t interested in anyone. I say its just Dad overreacting, as usual." Mistoffelees added.

"I am not overreacting!" Munkustrap screamed, slamming his fist against the side of the crate, shaking with rage. "This is my baby girl we’re talking about! She’s not going to end up like Etcetera!"

"But dear, she is an adult, you know," Demeter added, trying to keep the peace, although there was an intense look of pain in her amber eyes once Munkustrap mentioned Etcetera.

Munkustrap’s face only continued to get more and more crimson. "I forbid you to meet that tom again!" He screamed, then turned, and stalked out of the crate, nearly knocking into Mistoffelees on his way out.

"Victoria, dear," Demeter said, gently, placing a paw on Victoria’s turned shoulder.

"Go away!" Victoria muttered, harshly, glaring at her mother.

"Hunny, I know your father was really upset, but you’ll have to excuse him. He’s always had so much stress, what with, having to lead the Jellicles, and you know that ever since your sister left he’s been really protective of you and your brother. We just don’t want to lose you."

"Like you said, I’m an adult." Victoria rolled her eyes, and turned sharply, to release herself from her mother’s touch.

"I know, I know, dear. But please, you’ve got to understand." Demeter said, calmly, but a little hurt at how Victoria was treating her.

"Understand what Mom? Understand that you guys are the most overprotective parents in the history of the Jellicle Tribe?!" Victoria exclaimed exasperatedly.

"Please," Demeter was finding it hard to continue, "Just promise me you won’t go out of the Junkyard again. Promise me you won’t meet up with that tom Victoria."

Victoria was silent.

"Victoria." Demeter’s voice was beginning to have a sharp edge to it.

"Alright, I promise. I won’t go out and meet that tom again." Victoria muttered grudgingly.

Demeter gave a soft sigh of relief, patted Victoria on the shoulder, and left her alone.

Victoria sat outside under the setting sun. She leaned up against the crate. Her mother had called her to dinner, but she had refused, still sulking outside. Finally, when the last rays of daylight had disappeared on the horizon Mistoffelees came outside.

Mistoffelees walked over and sat down beside his sister. They sat in silence for several moments. "Mom said to tell you that they’re going to bed, and that you need to make sure you’re quiet when you come in," he said, softly, with a helpless look over at Victoria.

"If I come in." Victoria muttered, still angry, but not angry at him. "What is their problem Misto?" She asked, knowing that she knew just as well as he did that it was Etcetera who had set them off.

"I dunno Vic. I dunno." He said. And then they sat, each thinking their own thoughts for a long time. Finally Mistoffelees turned to Victoria, "Well I’m going to go to bed, Viccy, are you staying out here?"

"Yeah I am."

"Alright then, stay safe, okay? Whatever you do Viccy, just remember that no matter what Mom and Dad do or say, I’m there for you, okay? And if you need my help just come wake me up or something." Mistoffelees wanted to say more, but he didn’t, he knew that she could make her own decisions. Mistoffelees and Victoria had always been very close, they told each other nearly everything, they were best friends. Mistoffelees was worried, because she was his little sister, but he knew that he couldn’t try to rule her life. There were some things she would just have to work out for herself. "Goodnight Vic." He said, his deep dark eyes smiling at her.

"Goodnight Misto. I’ll take care of myself, don’t you worry."

Mistoffelees silently disappeared back into the crate, leaving Victoria alone outside. She sat out there for atleast an hour, and then the moon started to rise. The higher the moon got, the more antsy Victoria became. Something about the misty light was drawing her away from the crate, away from the Jellicles out into the night.

Victoria sat against the crate, remembering her promice to her mother until she could take it no longer. She rose, swiftly, and gracefully made her way from shadow to shadow, along the wall of the Junkyard, until she came to the gate. Victoria stood under the gate, knowing that she had to make a decision now. There was still time to go back to the crate, and no one would ever know she had thought of leaving. Victoria knew that if she left the Junkyard this night, she would have to run away, there would be no coming back to Mom and Dad after this. She stood there, staring out into the foreign shadow world, when a sudden, overpowering longing to be with that tom Silver overpowered her. She then ran, as if in a trance, out of the Junkyard, leaving all she knew behind.

Silver heard her running before she got to him. He put out his arms and caught Victoria, hugging her tightly. She buried her face in his chest, with mixed emotions. He could tell she was very upset. "I can’t go back." she sobbed, "They’ll never take me back after this! What am I going to do?"

"There, there." Silver said, holding her tightly, he loved her so much, "You can come with me. You can live with me Victoria. I..I love you."

Victoria looked up, and locked eyes with Silver, once again losing herself in the mercury. She stood up, so she was once again at eye level, and then he pulled her into a passionate embrace. Victoria kissed him hard, she had never kissed anyone before, but she wanted to kiss Silver, she could kiss him forever, and not grow tired of it.

Once the passionate outburst died down, the two cats broke away a few inches and simply looked adoringly at one another. "I love you too." Victoria said, finally replying the words she meant with all her heart. "I love you Silver."

It was when she said those words that my heart nearly shattered into a million pieces! No one had ever said they loved me before, atleast not in the same way as Victoria did. Her eyes were unblinking, and I knew she meant those words with all her heart. I started to cry, she filled me with so much emotion. I had never felt like this before, I wanted to hold her tightly forever, and never let anything bad happen to her.

She saw my tears, and gently reached up and wiped them away, softly smiling. I looked back at her, hoping my eyes would show how much I loved her, and how I never would hurt her, or make her feel pain of any kind. I wanted to be her servant; I wanted to be her slave.

She smiled up at me, entirely loving, entirely unsuspecting, entirely innocent. I loved her so much, but my first loyalty was to my father, so I took one of my arms from around her, drew back, and slashed her throat with my razor sharp claws. That momentary look of pain, of questioning, before her eyes rolled back in her head, and her heart ceased to beat! She seemed to wonder how I could possibly do that, that look killed me! I didn’t want to hurt her! I wanted to hold her tight and keep her safe. But I had come here in the first place under orders from Jack, and I couldn’t let him down. As much as I loved Victoria, my first allegiance, was, and always will be to my father, Jack.

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