Corruption Begins
by Starrla

Author's Note: Can you just make a note that the Starrla in this story is not my own personality, and who know's what I was on when I wrote this...just warning you, its a little twisted hehe...! <^..^> Starrla <^..^> This is only the beginning of the Corrupted part of the story of Flame, Vulcana, and Starrla...oh boy!

Starrla lay on the branch of the large oak tree, one leg crossed over the other, her black and golden tail handing down through the leaves. She stretched her arms out and yawned. She sensed the presence of someone and opened her stunning violet eyes wide trying to see who it was, she noticed Vulcana sauntering over to the tree. Starrla relaxed, “Hey Vulcana!” She called, “Up here!”

Vulcana met Starrla’s eyes with her own piercing green eyes which she had inherited from her father. ‘Her father...’ Starrla sighed and thought to herself, ‘Vulcana was the luckiest kitten in the world to have the Hidden Paw for a father! Two things were slightly wrong about that though...For one neither Starrla nor Vulcana were kittens anymore, and also, maybe it was a good thing after all for Starrla that Macavity wasn’t her father...’ Starrla stopped that train of thought before it started and turned her attention back to her best friend.

Vulcana smiled her pretty smile, she would have looked like the nicest cat in all the world if it weren’t for those green eyes. Many of the kittens wouldn’t even look her in the eye because her glare was so intimidating, intruding, and evil...Starrla sighed again, ‘Just like Vulcana’s father...’

“Starrla? Hello? Anyone home?” Vulcana asked sarcastically, noticing that Starrla’s thoughts had flown far from the present again. Vulcana nudged her friend slightly, to get her attention.

Starrla once again concentrated her attention on her friend, “Oh sorry, Vulcana! You know how I am sometimes!” She said this in a silly, slightly distant voice.

“Yes! Do I ever!” Vulcana said exasperated, “But concentrate now, because I need to talk to you Starr!” Vulcana climbed up onto the branch besides her friend who had sat up, “We need to do something about Flame.” She said in a quieter, and much more serious tone.

Vulcana hated her sister Flame more than anything else in the world, and Starrla wasn’t quite sure why. But since Vulcana was her best friend, and Flame was not, Starrla went along with Vulcana when she tortured Flame. Starrla commented “Yes, Flame has been quite unruly lately, hasn’t she?”

“Unruly? Well, you’ve definitely got that right! She and Ratter have been strutting around like they own the fortress! I’m sick of my sister and that dumb friend of hers! We’ve got to teach them a lesson, we’ve got to show ‘em who’s boss!”

Starrla’s mouth curled slightly into a grin that would have disturbed anyone but Vulcana, “Well, you can count me in Vulcana. I’m game for whatever you decide to do to her!”

“Well then,” Vulcana continued dangerously, “Lets teach ‘em a lesson...”

Starrla’s grin broadened, “Lets!”

Macavity sat watching Griddlebone: the way she swung her hips as she strolled down the corridors, the prize winning smile that constantly adorned her face, her beautiful ice blue eyes... He was growing bored with Etcetera; sure Cettie was fun and cute looking, but well, lets face it, the Hidden Paw just wasn’t one to settle down. Not so long ago, he had been enraptured by Cettie, so much, in fact, that he had asked her to be his mate. He had never had a mate before, just random queens who he chose to amuse him. For a while he had been content with Etcetera, but now... now he was no longer satisfied and he had begun to look at other queens, and so it came that he was watching Griddlebone.

Griddlebone was beautiful and in the past, long before Growltiger came along, Griddlebone had been one of his many queens, but she wasn’t what he was looking for now. Lately he had been paying a lot of attention to the queens in the fortress. There had been times in the past where he had gone into the junkyard in search of someone appealing to him, two of whom were Demeter and Bombalurina, but at the moment there were quite a few queens who he found attractive in the fortress, so he felt no need to look among the Jellicles.

Macavity wasn’t looking for someone close to his own age like Griddlebone, although she was...very appealing. He was looking for someone younger, someone with fresh looks, and a lot of energy. Griddlebone still had all these things, but he wanted a new experience, and he had already experienced Griddlebone.

Griddlebone was mated to Growltiger now. Growltiger was his friend, but he wouldn’t have let that come between him and Griddlebone if he had been interested. Growltiger and Griddlebone had one kitten, who was the same age of his elder kitten Vulcana. This kitten, Starrla, was of great interest to Macavity.

One of Macavity’s followers approached Vulcana and Starrla. “Your Majesty,” He said, bowing to Vulcana, “Daughter of the Hidden Paw, our Fearless Leader, your father requests that you go to him immediately.”

Vulcana glared at the messenger coldy, and she said in a voice which clearly stated she knew she was more powerful than him, and relished the thought “I will go to my father when I decide I am ready.” The messenger was a small light grey tom, and he hesitated un sure of what to do. Vulcana grew angry “Leave you filth! Leave! Get out of my site!” The messenger didn’t need an excuse to leave and he ran with all his might away from the fearsome queen.

Vulcana laughed to herself a little, she enjoyed intimidating people, that was one of the many qualities she had inherited from her father, along with the joy of manipulating people, taking advantage of anyone and everyone, and the love of power! She turned to Starrla “I guess I should go and see what Daddy wants.” She said like the perfect angel she was not. “We’ll talk later about my sister.” And with that she turned and strutted off, leaving Starrla to call out goodbye.

Vulcana walked though the corridors, servants, hench cats, raiders, and warriors alike all stepped out of her way and did their best to avoid her. Out of anyone in the Fortress besides Macavity, they feared Vulcana the worst, because she was in almost all ways, the female version of the Napoleon of Crime. She burst into Macavity’s quarters without knocking and saw her father looking lustfully out the window at Griddlebone.

This didn’t bother Vulcana in the least. Vulcana only cared about what other cats could do for her, and not for them personally at all, so she understood her father perfectly. She could never relate with her mother. Etcetera had been born a Jellicle, and no matter how hardened she had become from Fortress life, she was always softer than the others. Vulcana hated this! She hated weakness! It was the main reason of why she dispised her mother and sister, they were not manipulating and powerful.

Macavity looked up at Vulcana, he was not at all embarrassed about being caught lusting after another queen. “I see you got my message darling.” He said in a voice which was the closest to gentle his ever got. “I’m glad you chose to come.” If she hadn’t he would have been angry, but he wouldn’t have done anything to Vulcana, because she was his favorite. She had always been ‘Daddy’s little girl’ and he was very proud of her and her manipulating nature.

Vulcana looked back at her father, their piercing green eyes locking, “What do you want of me Daddy.” She asked in a very corrupt angelic voice.

“I feel the need to speak with you about your sister.” He said roughly: It was incredibly hard for him to chastise Vulcana. He didn’t think he could do it. But he also couldn’t allow her to continue jeopardizing Flame’s life, even if he didn’t care much for Flame. So, half heartedly the Hidden Paw attempted to tame his elder daughter.

“Daddy, dear, whatever is the matter with Flame?” Vulcana asked with mock concern.

This only made it harder for Macavity to get to the point. “Vulcana,” He struggled, “I’ve noticed you play a little rough with your sister Flame, and I’d like it if you were a little careful. Maybe if you left her alone...”

“I will not leave Flame alone!” Vulcana burst out in anger, so much for the angelic tone. “She’s weak, and I’ll either strengthen her or break her, but whatever I do its for her own good, Daddy, it really is.” Vulcana regained herself towards the end of the outburst.

“I will hear no more of it tonight.” Macavity made his final remark. “Leave me now.” He turned his back on Vulcana and went back to the window. Vulcana left, fuming with anger.

“...and so you see, he’s going to try to stop me from teaching Flame a lesson!” Vulcana concluded her story to Starrla. They were in Starrla’s chambers. Starrla lying on her bed, and Vulcana sitting in a chair close by.

Starrla looked thoughtful, ‘This is as good a chance as any’ Starrla thought to herself and then chanced her plan on Vulcana: “Vulcana, forgive me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t you’re father been a little,” she paused, “discontented lately? I mean,” she paused again, “a little lonely perhaps?”

Vulcana pried into Starrla’s violet eyes, but she couldn’t see where Starrla was going. Starrla never pulled off looking innocent, but she was doing a damn good job of concealing her feelings at the moment.

Starrla continued, “I was thinking Vulcana, that perhaps, I might be able to convince your father against protecting Flame...” At the word convince she raised her eyebrows suggestively. It was almost too much for Vulcana to handle!

Vulcana seldom exploded at Starrla. Starrla was the only person she respected at all in the entire Fortress, that is, besides her father. But for both of them it was a rather, corrupt respect, more of an admiration. Vulcana exploded at Starrla now “What do you mean convince my father? This is my father you’re talking about! What the hell are you saying Starr? What the hell are you saying?”

Starrla kept her cool and continued to meet Vulcana’s eyes, which were getting the a slight red tint to them as her anger grew. “It was only a suggestion, Vulcana, only a suggestion.” The way Starrla was playing ignorant infuriated Vulcana even more, but Starrla saw this, and was ready for it “Vulcana, I don’t know why you’re upset...its not like I’m going to do anything other than have a little fun with him, and after that, we’ll be through. And then he’ll let you have your way, I’m sure...common Vulcana, its a good idea, get a hold of yourself girl!”

Vulcana saw that Starrla was right, and wondered why she has raised such a fuss in the first place. It was after all a very good idea. She supposed the fact that her best friend was talking about her father was what disturbed her, but things like that happened all the time in the Fortress with other cats, so it shouldn’t have been such a big deal. “You’re right Starr,” Vulcana replied in a much calmer voice, “It is a good idea, go for it! It is the perfect time to take advantage of him...” She smiled to herself, “That it is...”

Starrla kept up the innocent good friend act and looked to Vulcana with fake concern “You’re sure you don’t mind Vulcana? I mean, I won’t do it if it’ll bother you! You’re my best friend in the whole world!”

Vulcana looked back at Starrla, she knew it was all an act, but Starrla knew it too, and neither of them cared, “Of course I don’t mind, Starr, I’d tell you if I did. But I’m not gonna help you plot this one, that’d just be weird! All I’ll tell you is that he’s been lusting after every queen that’s walked through the fortress lately, and you’re among them, so good luck and tell me how it went when you’re done.” With that Vulcana walked off shrugging the thoughts of Starrla and her father out of her mind. Starrla watched Vulcana go, she smiled very evilly to herself as she plotted.

Macavity continued to sit by the window. He wondered what he would do about his current love situation... Would he tell Cettie it was over? Would he just not tell her anything and find some cheap thrill? Would he pay a visit to the hench cats? He wasn’t sure if he could make up his mind, he was a very clever cat, but this was also a tricky decision. Little did he know someone else would answer this for him shortly.

There was a knock at the great wooden doors of Macavity’s chamber, and the Hidden Paw left his thoughts. The muscular red tom walked slowly over to the door, in no hurry incase it was Cettie or Flame, whom he didn’t particularly enjoy chatting with lately. He hesitated for a moment and then drew open the heavy door, he was very surprised, at who he saw on the other side. It was Starrla, Griddlebone’s daughter, Vulcana’s best friend...

Macavity struggled to concentrate on what was going on. For some odd reason one of the objects of his fantasies was standing in his doorway, and he had no idea why. ‘Ask her why the hell she’s here!’ He thought to himself, he said in a calm, rather creepy voice “Starrla. What brings you here?”

Starrla’s heart was racing! She had never done anything like this before... This was so much bigger than seducing the tom standing guard at the gate so he wouldn’t tell her mother how late she had been out of the fortress, or flirting with the warriors before they left on a raid so that they might bring her back something from the Junkyard. This was... attempting to take advantage of the Hidden Paw himself, she wondered if she was clever enough... Under normal circumstances she would have automatically answered ‘no’, but then, this wasn’t normal, Macavity was in an unsatisfying relationship and he had let his guard down. There was still time to back out now, she could just tell him she was wondering where Vulcana or Cettie was, but no! She came here with a plan and Starrla was determined to carry it out! In her ignorant voice which she had used to manipulate Vulcana she answered Macavity “Actually, I was hoping to find you here.” ‘No turning back now!’

Macavity looked a bit surprised, but pleased too. “Why don’t you come in Starrla?” He asked in a voice which was almost dangerous. Starrla stepped in and he shut the door tightly and followed after her.

Starrla pondered what to say next. ‘I could ask ‘Where is Cettie?’ but its probably best not to bring her up...that might change his mind, and I don’t want that. I shouldn’t bring up my mother either, or anything else that’ll remind him of anything I don’t want him thinking about.’ Starrla sat down on a black leather couch and decided against saying anything. Macavity, sat down next to her, quite close. Starrla’s blood was pulsing in her head, her ears throbbed, ‘I can still run, just make up some excuse and leave quick...its not too late! But, then, what will I have accomplished?’ Starrla made up one final resolution to go through with what she had planned.

Macavity broke the silence, he had no idea why she had come here in the first place, but he was going to make the best of it. “You’re very beautiful, like your mother.” He said, “And those stunning violet eyes, I don’t know where you got those, certainly not from her. They are so enchanting.” Macavity moved closer to Starrla and looked into her eyes.

Starrla had never really looked into his eyes before. They were the exact same as Vulcana’s but one hundred times more controlling. She almost wanted to look away, but it was as if he were in charge of her now, controlling her mind through her eyes. She continued to look over at him, she liked the way he controlled her. He was so powerful, she had always admired him, and recently she had begun to be very attracted to him. Starrla didn’t say a word, and he seemed fine with her silence.

Macavity was finding it terribly difficult to control himself, slowly he reached out one of his arms around her slender frame, he ran his claws along her brilliant golden stripes on her black fur, and then when she didn’t resist, he pulled her close into a passionate embrace.

After Macavity had, had his fun and was holding Starrla close, she decided it was time to bring up the reason she had done all this in the first place, “Macavity...” She said softly, deciding it was best to play the angelic part.

“Yes love?” He asked pulling her tighter.

Starrla paused for a second, taking a deep breath, which was rather difficult to do in her current position. “I understand you don’t want Vulcana to teach Flame a lesson...” He looked down at her trying to grasp what she was getting at, “Well, It’d make me ever so happy if you’d let Vulcana have her fun with Flame.” Starrla said this so sweetly that it was impossible for Macavity to resist.

“Oh, well, I suppose she can.” ‘Who cares about Flame anyway?' He thought to himself, 'certainly not me!’ He looked at the clock on the wall and realized Cettie would be coming in anytime now.

Starrla noticed where his eyes went and she seized the opportunity, “I should probably get going, I’m sure you have important things to get done.” ‘Nice move,’ Starr thought to herself, ‘Make it look like it’s his idea!’

Macavity nodded, and he released his grip slightly, but then pulled her back “Will you come to me again?” He whispered controllingly, moving her so that he was once again glaring into her eyes in his manipulative way.

Starrla had not intended for this to be anymore than a one time thing, although she did like Macavity, a lot! Now her thoughts were raging, she knew she shouldn’t do this again, she knew that it was not a good idea, and that she was risking a lot of serious stuff, but...well...she did like Macavity. Any chance she ever had of refusing him vanished as he glared into her eyes, she felt as though he were controlling her thoughts somehow, and perhaps he was. Starrla whispered back to him full of bliss, “Of course I will come to you again, how could I not come back to you!”

Macavity then released Starrla and led her to the door, he unbolted it and watched her walk off down the hall before shutting it, and bolting it again. He then sat back down on the leather couch and wondered at what had just happened: For some reason Starrla had came to him and they had enjoyed themselves, and now he was going to see her again, and probably soon, for the Hidden Paw had a way of getting things he wanted When he wanted them...

Starrla walked down the hall slowly, thinking about what she had done. Thinking about her promise to come back. She quietly entered her own chambers and secured the door behind her. Starrla lay down on her bed and vowed to herself that she would not go back to Macavity, that she was through... But somewhere, far in the back of her mind was a thought that she was refusing to face, the knowledge that she could not resist Macavity, and that he had complete and total control over her.

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