Sibling Rivalry
by Mooky and Rheow

(Scene: Dr Mau's office again. Munkustrap is in there and looking very disgruntled.) Munkustrap: I don't see why we have to do this--

Dr Mau: It's good for my portfolio . . .

(Enter Macavity.)

Macavity: Good afternoon Doc--let me start first by saying that this was probably a bad idea--

Munkustrap: (glaring) I'll say.

Dr Mau: You're already agreeing with each other--that's a good start.

Mac: No way--I'm not agreeing with Mister Goody-Two-Shoes here . . . he's always trying to pin something on me--

Munkustrap: Hrrummph . . . Tell *him* I hold him personally responsibly for anything that goes wrong--

Mac: Tell *him* I would rather not have anything to do with his tribe--

Munkustrap: Oh yeah? Then ask him what he was doing on the night of the Jellicle Ball!

Dr Mau: This is not working guys . . . You're supposed to be here to work things out. You're *brothers*--

Mac and Munkustrap: A fact I would dearly like to forget-- (glaring at each other) Stop saying what I say!

Dr Mau: Cool it before I call security. Why don't we try to see what's at the root of this problem . . .

Munkustrap: (sulky) He always wanted what I had!

Mac: That's not true!

Munkustrap: Demi, Demi, Demi--

Mac: She was *my* ex, remember?

Munkustrap: Yeah, but you dumped her! And now you want her back?

Dr Mau: I thought we covered this already--

Mac: Yes, we did--you're welcome to her . . .

Munkustrap: Ah-ha! You're implying that I got the leftovers!

Mac: I never did!

Dr Mau: I sent a great deal of suppressed resentment here . . .

Munkustrap: Ha! After he left and became such a *bad kitty*, I had to be the good one! No one ever asked *me* if I liked being the good one!

Mac: (defensive) Hey it was the school of hard-knocks out there--I had to earn my position unlike some others I could name--

Munkustrap: (louder) You were always Old D's favourite! You would've been leader if you hadn't left!

Mac: I was kicked out! (By then, the two cats are standing toe-to-toe)

Dr Mau: Alright--the subtle approach isn't working . . . we have to do something *drastic* . . .

Munkustrap: Huh?

Mac: I have a bad feeling about this . . .

Munkustrap: That and the Star Wars references that keep popping up for no good reason.

(Half and hour later, the two cats are standing in a boxing ring.)

Munkustrap: This is ridiculous . . .

Mac: I will agree with that even though I normally wouldn't under any other circumstances.

Dr Mau: I got a deal with Pay-Per-View for this . . .

Mac: What? That's the last straw, Doc! I refuse to be exploited! You're fired!

Dr Mau: You can't do that!

Mac: Just watch me . . .

Munkustrap: You tell her!

Dr Mau: Of all the--

Mac: Can it, Doc. I won't even leave *him* to the mercies of commercialisation.

Munkustrap: Thank you--I think . . .

Dr Mau: (smugly) But I did settle something--you two are getting along.

Mac: Darn, outmaneuvered again . . .

Dr Mau: The bill will be coming along the usual way.

Munkustrap: Does this mean we don't get to punch the living daylights out of each other?

Dr Mau: (glares)

Munkustrap: Kidding!

Mac: Let's do lunch--you can try being the bad guy for once if you want . . .

Munkustrap: You can try managing a whole junkyard of cats in exchange if you want . . .

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