Fluffy Ball of Yarn
as composed by Etcetera
(by Mevima)

If you've ever hit a ball of yarn, you'd know what I mean when I say it's the most satisfying thing a Cat can do for themself - except chase little Pollicles.

Hey, don't you believe me? You know, chasing puppies (I think that's what they're called anyway) can be very relaxing... OH! You mean about the yarn...

Well, it's true! When one flick of your paw can send a trail of yarn in any direction! Listening to the dull thwap of material bouncing off furniture! Hiding when your humans come in to find out what all the racket is about - and watching their faces when they discover what a mess you've left of their sewing baskets!

A fluffy, perfect ball of pure yarn can be almost any colour - black, green, yellow - but not multicoloured. That just ruins the effect of a long - long - I can't think of the word. Net! A long, intertwined net acros the floor, furniture, counters... ceiling... humans...

Of course, if it's got catnip on it, it's utterly perfect. (Even though Jennyanydots hates us kittens to "do drugs") Every sense is filled then; sight, touch, hearing, and the 'nip adds scent and taste. Ah, bliss. (If you want to add the sixth sense - ESP - talk to Tantomile or Coricopat, not me. They're the psychic twins.)

Umm... I'm sorta running out of room on this scrap of paper now... and if I don't run, Jellylorum's going to be after my little furry behind, so ha! I don't have to think of an ending! Take that, Jenny!

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