Thumbellina and Jack
by Mevima

There was once a middle-aged Tom and a middle-aged Queen. They had lived their lives without having any kittens, and desperately wanted one. One day, a faerie dropped by to see how they were doing.

"I want a kitten!" cried Jellylorum.

"And I want a kitten!" said Skimbleshanks sadly.

So, the faerie flew away and thought about this. After a week of everyday life, Jellylorum decided to go pick some flowers for Skimbleshanks. She collected several different colors and types, and even one bud that hadn't opened yet.

Jellylorum brought the flowers home and put them in a nice vase, then gave them to Skimbleshanks with a big smile.

"They're lovely!" said Skimbleshanks, and hugged her in thanks. "Let's put them on the windowsill."

So the vase of flowers was displayed beautifully in the window. Passers-by saw them and smiled, thinking 'Oh, what a beautiful bunch of flowers!'.

That night, when everyone had gone to bed [camera zooms in on the flowers in the vase] the still-unopened bud began to bloom. A tiny Jellicle kitten with red, black and white calico fur was revealed inside it. She stretched and slowly awoke, blinking her eyes at the moonlight.

'I think I'm going to like this world...' she thought, smiling.

Climbing out of the flower, she stepped gingerly across the counter and quickly found a piece of cloth that she made into a bed. She curled up inside it and fell back asleep.

The next morning, when Skimbleshanks and Jellylorum found the tiny sleeping kit, they thought she was a doll. Though she breathed, and her heart beat, she was only the size of one of their paws.

Their tentative handling woke up the kitten, and she looked up at the two Cats towering above her, frightened. Slowly she backed up, until she was almost falling off Jellylorum's paw. "Who are you and why are you so big?" she asked in a quiet, scared voice.

Haven't you had enough of this sappiness? Does it make you want to puke? Well, here's where the author changed her mood and decided to make it a freaky story! BE HAPPY!!! BWAHAHAHAAA!!!!

"We're giants!" Skimbleshanks boomed, his previous personality melting off like butter.

"We want to eat you!" Jellylorum added.

The kitten shrieked and tried to scramble off Jelly's paw, but she was quick enough to grab her by the tail and push her into a cage.

Jellylorum and Skimbleshanks went out onto their porch, congratulated each other, and spent the morning making out. The kitten fell asleep. Come lunchtime, Jellylorum boiled some water, dropped the kitten in without preamble, and cooked her up quickly.

The kitten made a nice lunch for the two giants, and they went on terrorizing the country by eating all the little kittens.

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