God Talk
by Mevima

~Poor Cats. Can't they see?~

^Of course not, silly, they're mortal!^

=You cannot expect mortals to perceive destiny, Ch'Rouiya.=

~But still...~

^The kits're all fawning over RTT. You know that!^

~Yes, I know that, but I don't see why we have to wait this long to make it show, if it'll only break more hearts.~

=It is only a kittenhood fascination. It will pass. I swear you that.=

^Oh, stop bein' so trim and proper, Urri!^

=I have no reason to. I do not perceive why you, Lau'ru, must always act and speak like a child.=

^'Tis fun!^

~Quit quarreling! I think we should show them now.~

^Awww... but it's so cute watchin' all those kittens together...^

~Lau'ru, everything's cute to you. Urri? Can we?~

=If we must.=

~Good! And I say we must! Hey, Tuur'pa'lin!~

*Yes, Ch'Rouiya?*

~Come on, show us what a real love-god can do! We've been waiting so long to show the tribe, so do it now!~

=It was not a long time. It was a ridiculously short time.=

^Oh, poo! It was long to Ch'Ro, so who are you to talk?^

*Yes, Ch'Rouiya. One RTT--JAD pairing, heading your way.*

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