To Die at Her Paws
by Mevima

The gold and black-furred Queen brushed a paw down the shivering kitten's cheek, smirking at his terror. Her claws extended just a barest amount, leaving a shallow groove in his soft skin. "Now..." she purred menacingly, "tell me what you know about our dearest Macavity..."

He whimpered slightly, eyes fixed on her gleaming claws, hovering so close to his white face, framed by ebony-black fur. A tightening of the paw grasping the back of his neck drew a squeak of fear. "I don't know much!"

"Anything.. I can use any information, Misto..." Her gold eyes were wide in anticipation of the knowledge she had been waiting for: how to find - and kill - Macavity.

Mistoffelees shivered, torn between the thought of his friend's safety and his own. Crying out at the sudden pain brought by a quick slash along his jawline, he made a decision without any further thought and nearly screamed, "He's gone to stay with Munkus and he'll be staying there a couple weeks!"

"You're sure that's all you know," came her flat response, while she was truly trembling with excitement.

"Yes!" he managed to spit out, the paw holding tightly to the back of his neck constricting more with every passing moment.

Smiling coldly at him, all Demeter replied was, "Good," as her claws met in a vise-like grip that snapped the struggling Tom's spine - but not before she could savour the terrified and panicked expression he wore on his face when he realized that he was going to die at the paws of this ruthless Queen, and there was nothing at all to be done about that.

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