None Would Catch Me
By Mevima

Electra had stood the taunting and jeering for as long as she could remember. It came as a result of her rare tortoiseshell coloring. Even Etcetera, her best friend all through kittenhood, had decided to join in, and Jemima would always watch sadly from the sidelines. Now Lecky was going to end it all.

She slowly padded over to the Cat flap in her humans' door, making as little noise as possible - Etcy was sleeping in the front hall, and would insist on coming if she woke. That would ruin everything.

Once Electra was outside, she began carefully clawing her way up the gutter pipe. The young kit almost lost her grip once on the way up, but she quickly righted herself. Soon, Lecky had reached the top, and made her way across the sloped side of the roof, made slippery by the recent rain.

Upon clamoring up the chimney, Electra looked mournfully up at the Jellicle moon, which was almost full. She would miss the Jellicle ball this year, and so close it was... but who would notice except by having no one to tease? Up here, alone with the moon. she finally had a moment of peace, no one there to taunt her... and no one to get in her way... The small kit heaved a sigh that should have been uttered by someone much older than her, and jumped back onto the roof proper.

After walking slowly across the flat side of the roof, Electra looked down at the twenty-foot drop. Two brown Pollicles sleeping at the bottom made her shudder, but maybe it was for the best.

Lecky took another look back, some small part of her hoping for someone to care. Seeing no one, not even the kitten on the other side of the roof, she closed her eyes tightly and leaped into midair. She almost thought she heard a faint cry of "ELECTRA!!" but she refused to acknowledge it. Tucking her paws beneath her underbelly, she waited for the inevitable impact of the hard dirt-packed ground.

A tiny cream tabby stared down in shock at the body of her best friend. Tears began to spill from Etcetera's eyes, and she tore off to tell Munkustrap. The howls of the disturbed Pollicles only made her run faster.

Electra's funeral took place the next day, and all the Jellicles were called in to attend. Etcetera cried more than any of them, thinking it was all her fault, but she still let Deuteronomy send the soul to the Heaviside Layer, where Lecky could finally be happy.

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