Jellicle Demon
by Mevima

Demeter chuckled softly to herself, watching the tiny tabby kit make his way across a fence. Tumblebrutus didn't know what he was getting himself into, invading her territory. As he came to a spot directly beneath Demeter's perch, she let out a low hiss.

The young kit snapped his head up, his blue eyes meeting her gold. He saw her icy expression, heard her terrifying hiss, and bolted from the spot in panic.

Smiling, Demeter launched herself into a sprint after him. She quickly caught up, and pounced. Tumble let out a frightened screech of pain as her claws dug into his shoulders. He stumbled and fell to lay, trembling in fear, under her paws.

She chuckled grimly at his helplessness, and strategically let her claw rip through the tendon on his right foreleg as she stepped off. Tumblebrutus cried out in agony, blood dripping down his leg, and struggled to stand up. He failed, so merely lay there looking up at his merciless attacker.

Without warning, Demeter swung her paw at him, leaving a deep gouge the length of his tiny body. His blood spattered across the ground, but this time, he was too shocked to cry out. She bit down on his hind legs, crippling them and tasting sweet blood on her lips and tongue.

Tumblebrutus dimly saw a smile form on Demeter's face as she licked blood off her lips, but he was slowly blacking out from the pain. Red suddenly sprayed across his line of vision, in accompaniment with a sharp sting in the back of his neck.

His breath came in ragged gasps while Demeter coldly and methodically splattered the ground with blood. A choked murmur was the last that came out of his mouth before he was given relief by death.

Demeter held her head up in triumph as she began licking the kit's blood off of her fur. It was nice, flavoured bitterly, and she became so involved in its taste that she didn't see the black Tom emerging from the shadows. Tumble had only been bait, sent to distract her until Mistoffelees attacked.

The only warning she was given was the sound his paw, claws unsheathed, made as it swung through the air. She spun around, only to meet the blow full-on in her chest. Demeter was sent scraping across the ground about four feet by the incredible strength behind it.

Slowly, the gold and black Queen rose to her feet. The drops of blood that remained on her fur reflected moonlight, making an imposing figure when her golden eyes began to flame with rage and bloodlust.

Mistoffelees crouched low to the ground, every nerve in his powerful body on edge. A growl escaped his throat, and he sprang at the imposing Queen, intending to kill her then and there.

Bloodlust can make a Cat do unpredictable things. Demeter launched her body directly at the pouncing Tom, claws and teeth bared, blood matting the fur on her chest. When they met in midair, Demeter was almost immediately thrown heavily to the ground. She didn't go without leaving a mark, however; four streaks of red marred the Tom's black face.

Muscles rippled under his fur as Mistoffelees took full advantage of Demeter's fall and leapt onto her stomach. She reached up and clawed at his neck, getting more blood on her face, but a horrified cry tore itself from her throat when Mistoffelees dragged his hind claws across her underbelly.

Demeter found herself in a decidedly unpleasant situation. She was losing blood quickly from the gashes in her stomach and chest, and her opponent was standing atop her. At this point, she could only hope to take him out with her.

With a great burst of strength, the Queen threw Mistoffelees off of her, leaving a gouge in his side. She gasped and stumbled, pain searing through her, but stood firm again before the black Cat could recover fully. Hissing in what she hoped was still a menacing manner, she got ready to pounce, frantically trying to ignore the rivulets of blood flowing from her various wounds.

Mistoffelees laughed confidently, and threw Demeter across the blood-soaked ground with one sweep of his paw. She gasped and moaned as the gashes in her stomach were opened wider by the jagged, rocky ground.

When her body came to a stop, Demeter found she lacked the strength to stand. Her limbs splayed out in front of her, and she was sure that at least one was broken. As she saw blood-stained paws approach, she knew her life was at an end.

The injured Tom, though weakened, had still enough power to kill the relatively young Queen who lay defeated before him. He readied his claws for the fatal blow. As it swept through the air, Demeter found dying strength from an unknown source and lunged forward, mouth open in a snarl. He tried to step back, but her razour-sharp teeth sunk into Mistoffelees' neck, cutting the main artery just as she died and hung limp.

For a moment, Mistoffelees stood in shock over her body, blood flowing freely from the fresh wound in his neck. Then his overstrained muscles, fatigue, and blood loss caught up with him, and he collapsed. The three Cats' lifeblood mingled on the ground, victims and attackers alike.

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