Odd Plot
by Bom

Mistoffelees walks into the Junkyard and jumps up onto the old Ford. He looks at the tire and back at the gates.He was the only one there.Or so he thought.He closes his eyes and takes in the sun.A tall figure slinks out and grabs Misto by the scruff and covers his mouth."Shhh....I won't hurt you." The figure takes Misto to a large building.He lets Misto drop lightly.

"Macavity!"Macavity rolls his eyes and motions for the small tom to follow him.Misto walks a few paces behind his captor looking into the many large rooms."Why'd you bring me here?"

"You of all pepole should know."Macavity stops at a smaller room and grabs the younger tom's paw."C'mon."He pulls Mistoffelees into the room and kisses him."I've missed you so much."

"It took you long enough!I've been going nuts having to be around Munku all the time!"He stops talking and kisses his mate a few more times."I don't know how Alonzo did it..."

A large rat stumbles in the room obviously 'nipped."Wha?Boss ain't that the pest.An' why are ya kissin' 'im?"Macavity slashes at the rat nearly knocking his head off his shoulders.

"Rats....can't live with 'em...can't work without 'em."A small devilish grin crosses his face."I have an idea."He lifts the smaller tom off himself and carries him into the throne room."How about we play a prank on the ever-fearless leader?"

"I'd say you're so nuts that it's gettin' to me."They plot(I ain't givin' detials!Ha!)a plan against Munkustrap and the Jellicles.


"Now 'Lectra all you have to do is get Munkustrap and Alonzo over here.Got it?"The small kitten nods."Etcy?All you have to do is get Cass and Deme over here.'K?"The second kitten nods.The two kittens run off in opposite directions.A moment later Electra returns with the toms.

"Why'd ya bring us here Misto?"The white and black tom whines.A small yelp is heard and Etcetera runs in followed by the queens previously named."Why'd you bring them here?"

A small voice is heard."One...two...three!"Macavity leaps out and lands on the two toms.They land on top of each other(people NOW is the time to have your mind in the gutter)A sharp shreek is heard from the queens after Macavity dissapears.

"Alonzo!Munkustrap!This is extremly sick!"Mistoffelees hides his grin with all his might."And to think you had perfectly good mates!You should be ashamed of hurting Tugger and Plato!"He waves his paw and makes himself invisible.

"MUNKUSTRAP!!!!HOW COULD YOU!WITH TUGGER AND ALONZO!"*I thought he'd be with Plato...*

"ALONZO!"*He's as good as dead.*"YOU PROMISED YOU'D STOP DATING TOMS!"*Huh?*"Oops."Mistoffelees pops up again and holds out a paw to Alonzo.

"You too?"Alonzo nods.Misto and him dissapear back to Macavity."I got another one!"

"Alonzo?"The white and black tom nods and looks at the ground. "Join the club!"Alonzo looks up at a few other toms most are familar.

"Tumble?Pounce?Tugger?Plato...uh never mind.You all like other toms too?"The toms previously named nod and proceed to what they were doing(once again it's time to have your mind in the gutter).And now who would've thought...Macavity and Misto later have kittens(via me!)and Alonzo and Pouncival become mates.The tom&tom coperation(as it came to be called)was succsesfull leaving most of the queens without mates."Gee...you make it sound bad Bom."

"Who's telling the story fuzz-brain!Anyhow...They lived weirdly ever after.I guess."Shaking my tail I leave."Geez can't get a tom 'round here anymore."

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