Triskell's Award

This is the text she sent with the award. ^_^ I'm haaappyyyyy!


- appealing, offering a clear overview of the site and its contents
the buttons are a good idea, writing on them is a little small, but still readable; what i didn't like so much was the fact that the buttons aren't the first thing you see - i for one appreciate the nav for the site to be as near to me as possible (probably just me though ;D)
excellent work on the fanfic section! beautifully done - love the bars in the fanfics separating paragraphs...unobtrusive but very stylish.
- use of colours/backgrounds
clear and strong. like that.
- how colours/backgrounds work with the writing
very good, no cause for complaint here
- graphics (fitting for the subject; look; originality)
ok. there are a few nice graphics in the basic site layout, i esp like the buttons, they are very clear and fit well into the background.


- does the site have something to do with its actual topic
yep. ;D
- information on the topic (how much; easy to understand)
well, yes... ;D i love the character profile section - it's very detailed and well done.


- is it easy to find specific information?
- are the sections clearly divided and easily accessible?
- can I always return to the main page
- do I get lost in sub-sections with no way back

very good in that aspect.


- reasonable (not more than 3 minutes for the entry page)
works out, what i find commendable is the pictures themselves - they load very fast!! ;D


ok, found nothing wanting ;D; what i thought was esp good was the feedback option in the fanfic section! great idea!!


- broken links and images (not good)
found none. ;D
- typos (warning: I'm thorough)
hardly any...just the usual bunch that you can't avoid (don't i know ;D)

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